Thursday, November 3, 2011

Working Out at This Time of the Month

It really is difficult to try and get moving whenever Bloody Mary is around. Last September, I had a bad tummy ache, which can be caused by drinking milk or exercising during my period, so I was a bit hesitant if I would still workout this month. However, I read somewhere that "the only time wasted is when you don't make it count," so I still tried to do some workouts, but not really that much, just enough to make the day count.

Today, I did Hip Hop Abs Cardio in the morning and Hip Hop Abs Ab Sculpt in the afternoon. The afternoon workout was incomplete because sitting on the floor (or on the Ab Rocket) was so uncomfortable. After doing the first workout, sister and I went to the market, and I felt the downside of working out during this day: body tends to feel tired quite easily. My legs were tired, my lower back hurt, and I had a difficult time walking back home from the market. I decided to not do the dumbbells exercises for this week (but I used my set of 2lb dumbbells for the Ab Sculpt), and just go for the two Hip Hop Abs workouts (will try to do the Hips, Buns, and Thighs on Friday or this weekend).

It was a sad thing that I didn't get to walk to and around Colinas Verdes today because it rained. Weather news said rains will continue for a few more days, so walking is officially put on hold - but that doesn't mean I'd stop walking to the market and back home. :)

My food intake today:

Mais with Pechay

  • 7:46am - 2/3 cup rice, 1/2 salted egg with 1 tomato
  • 12:12pm - 1/2 cup rice, Pork and Beans (50 grams pork, 70 grams green beans, minced garlic cooked in soy sauce, kalamansi juice, and cracked pepper)
  • 6:46pm - 1 cup Ginisang Mais (shredded white corn, ground pork, shrimps, pechay leaves)
Total Cups of Water: 13

I was supposed to cook the Ginisang Mais with ampalaya leaves, but there were no available at the market. Mom suggested I use pechay leaves, and it did pair well with the dish. The food in the bowl was my dinner. I love shrimps, but I only ate 1 piece (and yes, I didn't sip the head, I just ate the meat). Of course, I didn't eat rice anymore for dinner.

Pipoy and I talked again today, he told me of staying away from pork, but I think that's one thing that is difficult to take out of my system. Well, I think for now, I will go for less servings (50grams only), and will gradually decrease or go for other protein sources until I stopped eating it.

Despite the uncomfortable feeling of having Bloody Mary around, I am glad I made this day count.

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