Sunday, July 29, 2012

Plans, Goals, Challenges (29 July - 04 August)

Yesterday, I wrote that I'd share my stats today, but I realized I can't share it just yet because it's only the 29th of July and I really would like to update my stats ever first of the month. However, the first of August will fall on a Wednesday, so while the stats will be shared on that day, my plans, goals, and challenges will be posted today - a start of a brand new week.

CFC Ancop Global Walk

Biggest motivation and plan this week is to get my myself the warming up it needs to prepare for this event. Yes, I do hope to join a fun run or a marathon, but as they say - "You gotta learn to walk before you can learn how to run." Actually, I wanted to join this event last year because it's for charity and it would be an awesome experience, but when I saw the registration form in brother's room, the event already ended. This year, mom wanted to join, but didn't really tell me about it, it was sister who asked me to join. Given the fact that I wanted to join since last year, answering the registration form for this year's event got me all excited.

Mom told me the walk might be more or less 5 kilometers - quite long... but walking from our place to Colinas Verdes and back also takes the same distance, so I know I can handle it. Still, I have to prepare my body for it.

Colinas Verdes

This week, I want to lose a pound or two. I already opened the carton of milk, so I need to empty it in a week so I'd get my money's worth... so my diet plans, goals and challenges include:
  • Eat 30g of Fitnesse cereals + 250ml. milk for breakfast.
  • No street food.
  • No processed/canned meat except for canned tuna and sardines.
  • No junk food - includes instant noodles.
  • A slice of papaya per meal (as desserts).
  • A bottle of Yakult everyday.
  • Just a cup of coffee everyday.
  • Go back to the rules of meals - 1/2 cup of rice, 75g max for fish and seafood, 50g max for meats.
As for the fitness side of things...
  • Morning walk/jog in the morning - as long as it's not raining.
  • Stick with the fitness routines (video workouts, etc).
  • Walk to the market and back home every late afternoon.
I aim to lose 1 - 2 lbs. this week. I can do this. I will do this.

Happy new year to me!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Making a Comeback

Well hello there!

Yeah, I know, another post about why I am not updating this site... well, actually, all of my sites aren't updated regularly because life threw a curve ball and I became a little stressed about it. Last night, I tackled the issue and I am looking forward to better days. 

Fun Run? NahhhWith Brother With Brother With Brother

I wasn't all lazy, actually. I did try to get back to the morning walk/jog routine, though at times I didn't get to do that because the country's been experiencing typhoons. On a positive note, I am very glad and thankful that my brother is becoming more enthusiastic about it - he'd even send me a text message early in the morning to wake me up and help me get up so we could go to Colinas Verdes to walk.

Food is a struggle, I admit. Watching a lot of DVD, thinking so much about the problems caused me to eat more than I should and I am gaining weight slowly. A funny realization, though - It's going to be August in a few day's time and it's my personal New Year again. So... I figured, it should be cool to get back on track and try to stay regardless of the struggles.

Actually, a lot of the people I know from the blogosphere are now trying to get fit and I want to join them in their journey - even if it means doing it on my own as I can't join this one group because of my location. Well, like what Mr. Pipoy told me, my focus has to be about myself, so even if I will be physically alone, I should really make myself my own companion.

Welcome me back into the journey.
Goals, plans, and stats will be posted tomorrow.

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Great Northern Sale SM North EDSA

During college and during my early days as a yuppie, I was one of those who never really enjoyed going on sales because as a plus size woman, there weren't much clothes that would fit me. Things changed as time passed, and I am now one of those people who always anticipate sales, because I find it an awesome time to go for clothes, bags, and shoes at a much lesser price.
One sale I am eyeing for is the upcoming Great Northern Sale happening on July 13, 14 and 15 at SM City North EDSA. There will be a mall wide sale with up to 70% off on selected brands, and it's not just exclusive to fashion, you can also get discounts on gadgets, beauty items, school supplies, and yes, food!

If you're going to ask me, I am very much excited to walk around the mall and find awesome deals. I am hoping to buy:
  • a hand bag
  • footwear 
  • CDs 
  • pillow cases
  • underwear 
Well, even if there will be a sale, I still am the practical shopper, so I only listed the things I needed. I still am on my journey to lose weight, so I will hold on to my existing clothes for now and just go for the things I really need to own. However, I can also be an impulsive shopper, so let's see if I will buy something which is not part of the list. 

One thing to look forward to is The Gourmet Card. I did tell that the Great Northern Sale isn't just about apparels and home items, it's also about food. It says on the poster that the redemption starts today (10 July), but there was a slight change... you can now redeem the cards on 12 July. The full mechanics are on the poster, just read up. :)

Now, if you think buying discounted items is still not enough of a reward, here's your chance to win some SM Gift Certificates - by joining the Strike a Pose Photo Contest. Here's how:

1. Take a photo of yourself with "Strike a pose" infront of the giant Great Northern Sale shopping bag in SM City North EDSA or any place within the mall. 
2. Upload and post your photo entry to your Facebook wall (make sure your post is set to public in order for us to view it) 
3. Send your Facebook permalink URL entry here in our contest thread 
4. Contest will start on July 9-15, 2012 
5. Strike a Pose entry with the most stylish and wow factor photo will win the shopping GC 
6. Winner announcement will be on July 16.

This is one event not to be missed, so, if you're like me who's into practical shopping, I suggest you mark your calendar - July 13 -15 at SM North EDSA. See you there.

Happy shopping!

ps - Please check this blog sometime on July 14 or 15 if you want to see the things I bought. :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My New Camera Bag

When I bought my camera (Canon Powershot SX130is) December of 2010, it didn't come with a camera case (like the previous ones I bought). For the longest time, I used a cloth vanity kit as it's home and while it was a good choice, it wasn't really that good to protect my camera, and when the upper lens cover got loose, I knew it was time to find a sturdy camera bag as I really don't plan to replace my camera anytime soon, I want to hold on to it for as long as I can.

Months ago, I saw a camera bag on sale on one of the Online Shops, but when I found out it was sold at p290, I immediately backed out because I felt it was quite expensive. I know it's still cheaper than buying a new one, but I am quite the very thrifty person and to buy a small bag for that much felt I could use the money to buy other things.

*image taken from Purses and Steals website*

Good things come to those who wait, I guess, because just recently, one of my favorite Online Shops - Purses and Steals - had a bag sale and in the album were three camera albums. Two were priced p120 and this one was priced p75, so I sent a message on this one - the p75 camera bag. I told the seller I will get this if the dimension is at least 5x3 inches. Within minutes, the seller responded and the camera bag was mine.

From the picture above, I wasn't sure what the brand was, but when I received the item...

Photobucket Photobucket

...I was surprised to know it was a Samsonite bag I just purchased. It wasn't brand new, it was what they call EUC or Excellent Used Condition, and it sure was in excellent condition! No visible damage, no problems at all! It was indeed a steal at p75.

I searched for "Samsonite Camera Bags" and I saw one similar looking bag, but the strap wasn't like the one I have - the pictures I saw online had the black with blue dashes on its strap (kinda like the one you see on the images above), while the one I bought had a thin black strap. It may be different, but I am actually thankful this bag came with a strap. The strap on this bag was made of synthetic vinyl (best guess), which won't get soaked with sweat during photowalks, so I am indeed thankful.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

The main compartment was just the right size for my camera, but it also have a few more compartments. Obviously, there's this one at the front, which can be used to hold extra batteries, and opening the flap will reveal another compartment. As is, it can hold the cellphone, but when the zippers on the sides are pulled down, it has more spaces for little things - maybe for paper or bills.

Buying this bag was a blessing. Now that I am getting back into morning walks/jogs, this could be a good companion to put everything in one location - I don't have to worry about placing my camera and cell phone in my jogging pants' side pockets.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Blessing in Disguise

Hello! Long time no blog!

I haven't blogged lately because of many reasons, and these reasons actually caused me to gain weight yet again. Laziness is one thing, but it's definitely the lack of discipline which led me to fully step out of the track. Well, at times I go out and walk, at times I go to the gym, at times I do the video workouts, but I wasn't as religious to it as I was before and that I tend to eat way too much every meal.

Lunch time today, I was out with the girls (mom and sis) and when sis took a picture of mom and I together, she exclaimed that it's really obvious that I am gaining weight. Words I didn't want to hear, but thankful I did. Coincidentally, today's the start of a new month, a time to start anew and pick up where I left off.

PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket

I don't always do it, but I do love to shop online via Facebook. Right now, I can name about 5 online shops that I trust, but among them, there's this one favorite shop. Just last month, the shop had a sale on their denim cropped pants, something I didn't pass up. I bought 2 pairs of denim cropped pants and one pair for my sister, and when I sent a message telling I already paid, the seller messaged me back saying I missed out one item on my Purchase Form. I re-checked the album and clearly, I only messaged "mine" (meaning I will get the item) on three pairs of pants. I told the seller she can just take out one of the vanity kits I ordered to replace the pair of pants I missed out, but when I received the package, it contained all I ordered: 1 vanity kit, 1 camera bag, and the 3 pairs of pants. Surprisingly, the pair of pants I "missed out" was also in the package.

It was a size 12 (31-inch waistline) pair of denim cropped pants. I am not sure why the seller said I missed this one because honestly, I would never order a size 12 clothing (not this time, at least) as I still am a size 16. I messaged the seller about it, but didn't receive any response, so my siblings told me I should just keep it as a freebie of sorts.

Reflecting about it, I considered this a blessing in disguise. Today, this pair won't fit me, but this is something I can control - by working hard to make myself fit into it. Fitting into this pair of pants would mean reaching my target weight (as my sister and mom could fit into it and they're both at 150lbs more or less), so at this point, this is my motivation. I will wear this on my birthday next year!