Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Walking with Dumbbells

Let me give you some advice bastard. 
Never forget what you are. 
The rest of the world will not. 
Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you. 
Tyrion Lannister to John Snow - Game of Thrones 

It didn't rain last night, so I knew I would go out and walk this morning. I set the alarm at 5:15am, but I was still sleepy and decided to snooze off again and got up when my sister was ready to leave for work. It was already 6am when we left the house, but of course I was glad to finally come out and break the cold, dry spell of not doing a morning walk.

Walking with Dumbbells

Like what I set to do this week, I carried with me the pair of 1-lb dumbbells I would use as I walk. I wore a jacket with pockets where I kept the dumbbells while I walked from our place to Colinas Verdes. Once I reached Colinas Verdes, I stopped for a while to do some stretching to prepare my body. I didn't know if it was because I wasn't walking for a long time or that the dumbbells provided enough resistance, but when I reached Colinas Verdes, I was already bathing in sweat. A good indication, me thinks.

Colinas Verdes Clubhouse

Normally (as I have already gone used to the route), it would take 30-45 minutes, but it took me nearly an hour just to reach it. Well, as I walked, I did some hand exercises with the dumbbells, and even if it was just a pound each on my hands, combining the arm exercises with walking made me really tired.

I guess this type of walking I did made me so slow that I found myself alone in the route. For a while I feared maybe I was walking an endless road, but I knew this route so well. I guess I was just really tired and I wanted to reach the end of it so I could go home already. :)

Two things that caught my interest during my walk:

Grass' Flowers

White Grass. I couldn't tell if these were the flowers, but the tall grasses along the road had these.

Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers. I don't know what's it called, but for quite a big tree, it had sweet looking flowers!

It was already past 8am when I left Colinas Verdes. Like what I always did, I took the jeepney back to our neighborhood because sun was already shining so bright at that time. Passengers inside the jeepney all looked at me as I took my seat, the man next to me scoot over to keep his distance away from me. Well, I understood that I looked awful - I was sweaty and they were all looking fresh ready for work or school, but of course the stares and the negative gestures gave my heart a little pain.

Walking from the market to our house, more people were staring at me, and for a while I couldn't fathom why. When I reached home I realized why: my clothes were so wet! Well, I did sweat a lot today - my shirt was thick, so was the jacket... but it still looked as if I wore clothes fresh from the washing machine.

I did the Hip Hop Abs Cardio around 10am, but when I took my shower after that, I felt so refreshed and tired and aching all over. I wasn't able to do the rest of what I needed to do, but for the effort I did today, I was already happy.

What I ate today:

Breakfast: 1 piece bread + grape jelly + peanut butter
Lunch: 1/2 cup rice, 2/3 cup Menudo (pork, potatoes, carrots, green peas in tomato sauce)
Dinner: 1/2 cup rice, 1/2 cup Misua-Patola (misua, sponge gourd, pork)
Cups of Water: 17

A pat on the back for a job well done today... although I spent my afternoon watching the first season of "Game of Thrones" as I was really feeling sore and sleepy.

and then, she {snapped} NapTime MomTog

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Goals for the Week: 17 - 23 September 2012

I wasn't able to document last week's progress, but I didn't really immerse myself into the fitness of things, although I did do some Hip Hop Abs routines and I did watch my food intake this week.

Me - Sept 2012
Bonifacio High Street (Taguig City) - 13 September 2012 - 210lbs.
Top - Gap | Jeans - B.N.W. | Shoes - Toms | Bag - Agnes B.

Last Thursday, the family celebrated mom's birthday and us having pictures here and there, I really did notice I am gaining so much weight. Well, my weight is somewhere between 208 and 210lbs., I will gain myself tomorrow morning so I will know how much weight I will lost by the end of the month. Needless to say, it was indeed a wake up call.

This week being my comeback week, I really need to do a lot in order to get things going. My goals:

1. Go through Lyn's Habit a Week Challenges 1 -12
  • Fix Your Water Intake > 15 - 20 cups of water per day.
  • Move! > Follow the fitness plans strictly, no excuses.
  • Eat a Veggie > Eat at least one kind of vegetable a day.
  • Increase Your Fiber > Through fruits, mainly.
  • Eat Healthy Fats > More of  lessen the oil intake as we don't have olive oil here at the house.
  • Watch Your Portions > Back to 1/2 cup of rice per meal, 75g maximum for meat, 100g max for fish / seafood.
  • Love Yourself > Mani-Pedi, watch video tutorials about applying make up that would suit my facial features.
  • Curb Nighttime Eating > Dinner will have to be the last food intake for the day. 
  • Sleep! > Lights off at 11pm.
  • Find Alternatives to Eating > Read books, update the blogs, tend the garden.
  • Write it Down > Have a new food log.

2.  Fitness
  • MWF - Morning walk with 1lb. dumbbell in each hand, Hip Hop Abs (Cardio), Hip Hop Abs (Ab Sculpt), 8 Minute Arms, Arm exercises based on the book.
  • TThS - Morning walk with wider strides + Jogging, Hip Hop Abs (Cardio), Hip Hop Abs (Hips, Buns, Thighs), 8 Minute Legs, Thigh exercises based on the Magazine article.
  • Sunday - Zumba video workouts through YouTube.

3. Other Goals
  • Allow just one food trip this week.
  • Create another set of Action Response Cards based on the Beck Diet Solution.
  • No sweets, processed food, and junk food.

Exercise will have to be toughest thing to do this week, but I will do it. I loved how I felt and looked like when I reached 196lbs., I really want to feel that awesome feeling again. No more excuses, no more laziness, no more backing out.

One point to raise, though... what happens when it's raining in the morning? Does that mean taking out walking / jogging into the schedule? Absolutely not! If it's raining and I can't go out to do an outdoor walk, I'd go to the nearby gym when it opens in the morning so I could use their treadmill and their other machines. Taking the schedule into consideration - if it's MWF, I'd use the treadmill and the elliptical machine for an hour, then use machines for the arms for the next hour; if it's TThS, I'd use the treadmill and elliptical machine for an hour then use machines for the abs and legs for the next hour.

a page from my journal, august 2011

I love Lyn's Habit a Week Challenge. Here on my blog, I only got to share 11 habit building blocks, and today I'd like to include #12 as it is something I really need to do this week as far as dieting is concerned. Write it Down, has been a technique that really worked for me as it helped me second guess the food I am about to eat. The thought of writing it down and seeing it in the days, months, maybe years ahead really helped me make certain decisions. Is this piece of food worth writing it down? If it's junk, then no, it will never be worth it.

Last year, even before I embarked on a much documented weight loss program, I started listing down the food I ate and the drinks I drank. When I opened this blog, I didn't list the food anymore, instead I took pictures using my cell phone so I could also record the time I ate the food. For this program, I'd do both - writing and photographing the food, to ensure maximum potential of it.

It didn't rain tonight, so there's a big chance of walking outdoors tomorrow morning. :)
I'm ready!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Questions 10 - 12

Finishing with the questions, so tomorrow I will start sharing my goals and day-to-day weight loss documentation.

10. Are you afraid of disappointing others?

As social beings, part of the hardships of losing weight was to cope up with how people around us - especially those near to us - treat us while losing weight. I remember one time, I was on the Herbalife system and my bestfriend's boyfriend came over our house (I used to live in the same apartment as my bestfriend and her cousin) and they cooked some fishballs. They were trying to convince me to eat as it looked awkward that they were eating and I was not. I tried to fight it, but I was so weak that I gave in. Scenarios like this one changes, but the effect was still the same... there were times that in my efforts not to disappoint someone, I'd give in.

Written Exercise
Make a list of people in your life who may be affected by your weight loss efforts. Once the list is complete, begin to communicate with each person about the importance of his support.

I work at home, so the people who may be affected is my family. I was quite strict with my food intake last year that it limit my eating out... and there were times that my family felt sad that I didn't come with them, or I'd eat very little. My sister was the one who was greatly affected last year - she would always get upset with me whenever I turned down food trip invitation. Well, I was somewhat successful last year (he he he), so I know dealing with my family will not be difficult this time.

11. Do you ever blame something or someone else for your inability to lose weight?

I guess this is somewhat similar to my answer in #9.

Written Exercise
List the three most important things that you want to accomplish in the year ahead. List all of the obstacles that are currently in your way of accomplishing thing, then list the things that you can do to overcome this obstacles.

The three things that I want to accomplish for the next 12 months would be: to climb Mt. Pulag, to be at 150 lbs., and to do Shaun T.'s Insanity workout. The one big obstacle I have is actually myself, because I control my choices in life - exercise / food wise. As long as I keep my eye on the prize, I will accomplish the goals I set for myself to do.

12. Do you ever feel that you don't deserve to be happy or successful?

Partly yes, especially when it comes to relationships. I don't see myself as pretty and as worthy to be loved, hence whenever a guy would show interest on me, I'd often show him bad sides of my attitude to drive him away. Same goes with how I interact with people - I can't claim I am good at anything, therefore I am always the wallflower.

Written Exercise
Write about the times that you've experienced success and/or happiness and then did something to sabotage the feeling or achievement. Include dates, if you can.

I guess I just answered that.. read my last paragraph. :)

It's now 11:30pm... and I need to get up at 5am tomorrow. Colinas Verdes is waiting for me. :)

Questions 7 - 9

Continuing with the questions from Bob Greene's "Get With the Program."  

7. Are you afraid of change?

I am, I admit. I do love the promises of having a "healthy" body, but parts of my current state I am afraid to let go, which is why (I think) I always find myself at a pit stop way too long. Not that I use my weight as a shield to protect myself, as oftentimes I get hurt because of the way I was (or am, still) ridiculed because of my size and weight; the thing is, I often wonder... when I reach my goal weight, what will happen next?

Written Exercise
Write down three instance in which you successfully overcame your fear of change. Include when each occurred, how you overcame the fear, and how the experience changed your life.

Date: October 2011
I came to a realization that I gained back the 6lbs. I lost last August, so I set this as my comeback time. It was a change I welcomed freely, but challenge came with my family having to adjust with the changes I want to put in my life. They were very supportive, yes, but of course, them eating to their heart's content while I measure and weigh my food before I eat it was quite an adjustment.

Date: November 2011
I met and started dating Mr. Pipoy. Him coming into my life was a breathe of fresh air, but not having a boyfriend for years, having one was a frightening change. First few months of the relationship was a touch and go - as I have a lot of personality issues (I tend to be jealous, insecure...), but he was such a great man that he stayed with me until I slowly change my views in life.

Date: August 2012
Breaking up with a boyfriend will always be a painful part in every woman's life, but while our breakup wasn't that painful in my life, being "alone" was a change I didn't want. Thankfully, because our relationship wasn't known to all, the transition to singlehood was easy to do.

8. Do you typically choose immediate gratification over reaching your long-term goals?

At first I was. Every Sunday is my cheat day, and it was the day of the week that I let go of what I needed to do, and I'd gift myself with food. I guess I got lucky to have Mr. Pipoy as my boyfriend / fitness buddy at that time, because he was the one who taught me not to reward myself with food.

Written Exercise
Make a list of the things that you can do that will remind you of your long term weight loss goal.
  • Hanging the size 14 DKNY jeans I bought a few weeks backs where I can see it daily so it can motivate me to push through with my routines.
  • Make another set of Action Response Cards (The Beck Diet Solution) to remind myself of the many good things that will happen to me if I stick with my plans.
  • Place a picture of myself (when I was in high school) on my desk as another way of motivation.
9. Do you ever use your family, relationship, or work obligations as an excuse not to take care of yourself?

Yes I did... and at times I still do - like when I won't go out to walk because brother won't come with me. Sometimes I tend to be dependent, and I know it is something I needed to change. As Bob Greene said it, "From this point on, your health and well being must be considered absolutely sacred. Your daily workout is also sacred. It is a gift you give yourself."

Written Exercise
Create an "I am my own top priority" log. Starting now and for at least the next couple of weeks, simply jot down, each time you avoid letting family, relationship, or work obligations interfere with something you wanted to do for yourself.

*** Please check back this weekend for my answer to this. ***

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Questions 4 to 6

This may sound as an excuse, but I think it's a valid one. I couldn't do anything but regulate my food intake because my wisdom tooth chipped off and I am in pain. I still can't visit the dentist as I was told that dentist won't extract any tooth if it's hurting, so I might have to endure the pain until such time I can have it extracted. Ouch.

For this time, let me just continue with the questions from the "Get with the Program" book by Bob Greene.

4. Are you often impatient with slow results?

I am, yes. It's the reason why I would try to lose weight for a few months, then stop... then gain back the weight and more... then repeat the cycle again. I am not sure if it's impatience or I'd drown myself in the triumph of losing a little weight that I'd stop.

Bob Greene mentioned about focusing on feeling better about ourselves - today! Let us all praise ourselves for each day that we stick with our chosen path to our goals, and that we should take the time to recognize improvements - no matter how small they are.

Written Exercise
Write down the things that make you happy and that you appreciate in your life - and how you can nurture them.

Appreciation: Having my family.
I don't have a lot to brag about, but God certainly blessed me with an awesome family. All of us treat each other like friends, but of course, we do respect each other as well. My family supports whatever choices/decisions I make - though at times they'd tease me whenever I try to start again and fail, but it was just to motivate me more to finally start with my program again. I love my family so much that each of my successes are dedicated to them.

Appreciation: Real friends.
It's easy to find pals and friends, but it surely is difficult to find real friends - the type that would stick with you even when the going gets tough, and those who wouldn't try to bring you down behind your back. With the way I earn my living working at home, I don't really have that much friends, but I do have a few whom I consider real friends. They are the ones who are not afraid to speak their minds out just to knock some sense into my mind, and the ones I can run to whenever I am happy or sad.

Appreciation: Colinas Verdes.
I don't earn much money, therefore I can't afford gym memberships. I am thankful and happy there's a place called Colinas Verdes where I can go to for morning walks. Not only do I get to walk and jog (at times), it was also a place where I can breathe fresh morning air, see nature and be motivated by the other walkers and joggers.

5. Do you ever consider giving up when you experience minor setbacks?

Guily. Sooooo guilty. Sometimes, the setbacks are easy to overcome, at times... I'd let myself off the hook and just partially throw in the towel, or maybe have a little "cooling off period." I guess hiding in my shell for so long - eating a lot, being a couch potato, I wasn't really used to the feeling of hardships of dieting and exercise. Last year, I got to learn that setbacks will always be there - I'd get sick, or I would travel, or there will be a lot of rain. The challenge then is to accept these setbacks, allow it to happen, and use it as a motivation to get back on track again.

Written Exercise
Write about any times that you encountered setbacks in your life and overcame them. Include the approximate dates that these events occurred. Include how you felt when you triumphed over these obstacles.

Actually, I have a lot of setbacks, and most of it, I wasn't really able to overcome quickly. As related to my answer in a previous question, I do give up quickly. I guess one setback I was able to get over quick was the setback I had last year - I started losing weight August 2011, just to lose whatever amount of weight I can lose because I went on a trip 25 August 2011. I was able to lose 6lbs., but when I got home from a week-long trip, I sort of forgot to get back with my weight-loss program, that when mom bought a weighing scale late September and weight myself on the first day of October, I realized I already gained back the 6lbs. I lost. It was such a wake up call that I went back to the program quickly. Stories about my day to day life since then has been documented on this blog.

6. Do you often procrastinate?

Do I? Hahaha. Yes, I do. I (most of the time) put things off for later. One thing I like about this book is that the author is very good at making his point, and if the reader's not open minded, then I guess some of the words would be difficult to accept.

One point about procrastination, "it is often really fear masked by laziness," and I couldn't agree more.

Another point Bob Greene stressed about: "If procrastination is an element of your health and weight issues, you will need to focus extra hard on the true source of your fears. What is keeping you from starting a program to bring increased health and happiness into your life? What are you afraid of? Identify it. Once you do, you will conquer one of your greatest obstacles."

Written Exercise
Make a list of all the things you need to do to begin fulfilling your commitment to this program.

* Buy 2 pieces of 1-lb dumbbells for me to carry and use while walking every Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
* Buy three more jackets with pockets at the front where I could place the dumbbells while walking from house going to Colinas Verdes. (I can't carry the dumbbells with my hands while walking from our house to Colinas Verdes because I walk at the side of Quirino Highway - I gotta mind the cars, buses, and trucks passing by)
* Have a back up plan during rainy early mornings. I can't go out and walk/jog... what now?
* Replace my dinner plate with something blue or purple (as they say it suppresses the appetite) and smaller plate.
* Find a way to convert the "Insanity" workout my ex downloaded into a video playable to our DVD player as it would be difficult to do the workout using my 10-inch netbook; or maybe find a store that sells the Insanity Workout videos.

Bob Greene's final words for this lesson, "Above all, honor your commitment to yourself."

Yes I will!