Friday, November 4, 2011

Hoping for Clear Skies

I was over the top when I finally got myself to walk to Colinas Verdes, but the next day I was so sad that the rains have ruined my high spirits. I still was able to walk around, but I sure hope the clouds would stop crying for a while so I could enjoy my morning walks more.

I was chatting with Pipoy on YM tonight and he showed me something that made me smile. I didn't know what it was called exactly, but he told me it was a cable that he could attach to his cell phone and iPod so when he calls me during our morning walk, he could let me listen to his music to help pace myself. Such a sweet man he is, right? All we have to do is wait for the skies to clear up so we could try it out.

Aside from the walks I did going to the market, I also did Hip Hop Abs (Cardio) in the morning and Hip Hop Abs (Ab Sculpt) in the afternoon. I am feeling much better today than yesterday, though I still can't do much because of my situation. Next week, I will be back on track as Bloody Mary is leaving soon (hooray).

I had a great foodie adventure today even if I was at home, and I had...

  • 8:06am - 1 cup coffee (Nescafe 3-in-1 Brown n Creamy), 2 pieces sliced loaf bread + 1 teaspoon Malunggay Spread
  • 12:36pm - 1 cup rice, Pork Adobo (50g pork, some onion and garlic cooked in soy sauce and vinegar, seasoned with Bay Leaf and cracked pepper), 70g tokwa - diced and fried
  • 7:24pm - 1 cup Dinengdeng (sigarilyas, eggplant, okra, saluyot and ampalaya leaves cooked in water seasoned with bagoong balayan), 1/2 fried fish

Sister was out with friends, so it was just mom and I for dinner. I decided not to eat rice for dinner anymore, and I did enjoy eating the veggies even if it was too bitter (because of the ampalaya leaves). Mom and I shared the fish (it wasn't that big - I bought it for 25 pesos, the vendor said a kilo of the fish was 160 pesos), and despite the few complaints about how bitter it was, mom and I shared hearty laughs while eating.

The past few days, I have finally kicked out the habit of snacking in the afternoon. It's amazing to know that lunch was able to sustain me the entire afternoon, so I don't think I really need to eat snacks, although of course I am not totally saying goodbye to it, as I don't want to contradict myself by saying something and do the opposite of it in the future. I still allow myself to eat snacks, but as long as I can, will control the sudden urges to eat.

In my many attempts to lose weight, entering the second month seemed to be a hurdle for me for I usually step off the track after month 1, but I am thankful to myself and to the universe (and God, of course) that I am still very much enthusiastic to push through. Well, I guess I knew the feeling of losing quickly the efforts I exerted, so now that I was able to lose again the 6lbs I gained, you bet I will work harder to continue losing the unwanted weight.

Entering month two, I have a new perspective of what this journey is about. I can now compare it to a marathon. Sure, I haven't run a real marathon yet, but just like a marathoner running let's say 21k, thinking of running that long sure can make one feel tired even before the race starts, and it is the same with this journey. At 22olbs, getting to 150lbs sure looks so far, but if I focus on reaching the pit stops (end of the month weigh in), it makes the journey a lot easier to carry. All I have to do is to push myself to get to the pit stop and repeat the process... and before I know it, I have already reached the end. Right now, I set my mind to survive this month - do the best I can - and anticipate the next stop.

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