Sunday, November 6, 2011

Friday and Saturday

I wasn't able to blog much, so let me just make a quick rundown of my first two days of weekend (it's a long weekend extending until Monday, that's why).

Friday, 04 November 2011

Aside from the walk trips to the market, I was able to go back in doing Billy Blanks Jr.'s "Waist Workout" this morning. I loved how this workout ease a bit of my lower back pains, but I wasn't able to do three rounds with the dumbbells because my body still gets tired easily because of my monthly period. I was able to do the first round with dumbbells, but I put down my oh-so-cute pink dumbbells down.

I also was able to do two Hip Hop Abs routines - Cardio and Ab Sculpt. Doing these two workouts was love, and I love that my body can now do it without feeling tired or sore after. Well, Bloody Mary is set to leave tomorrow or on Sunday, so this coming week will definitely be hectic for me because I sure want to lose another 6lbs this month.

Tuna Sandwich

My food for today consisted of:
  • 8:14am - 1 piece sliced Whole Wheat loaf bread + 3 small slices of tomatoes + 3 slices of cucumber + 10g Century Tuna corned tuna, 1 banana
  • 12:13pm - 1 cup rice, 1 Tortang Talong (1 small eggplant, 1 small egg, salt and pepper)
  • 7:26pm - 2/3 cup rice, Beef Nilaga (70g beef, 3 potato cubes, some pechay and green beans)
Total Cups of Water: 13

As my way of adding fiber into my system, I bought a loaf of Whole Wheat bread (Gardenia). When I got home, I saw the bag of Gardenia Regular loaf bread and I couldn't help but check its Nutrition Facts and compare. I was shocked to learn that the Whole Wheat one had more calories, sodium, and sugar compared to the regular one, which made me think twice if I will continue eating the whole wheat bread or switch back to the regular one. It was so fortunate that while checking the net to look for "foods that help burn fat," I got to see one powerful sentence: "Only whole wheat food can help you burn fat." With that, I decided to go through with my whole wheat diet, and as my way of making sure I don't eat much, I just went for one slice and cut it into two for my sandwich.

If you remember one time when I had egg sandwich and Pipoy reacted negatively about the mayonnaise, well... that day I asked him what he had for meals. He told me about sandwich with tuna in water and some cucumber and tomato slices as its "palaman." I asked him, "Don't you get tired eating that over and over?" He answered me with, "Well, I do know it's for my health, so I don't mind." We still don't have lite mayo at home, so today, I made my sandwich minus the mayonnaise. I wasn't able to see a can of tuna in water at the nearby grocery store, so I just went for the corned tuna, since it had more tuna and less oil compared to the regular tuna in oil kind. Checking its nutritional info - each serving of 56g has: 60kcal, 1.5g fat, and 320mg sodium. Since I decided to just put 10g of tuna on my sandwich, what I had contained: 10.71kcal, 0.25g fat, 57.14mg sodium. Not so bad, I think. :) I just need to send a message to an SFC friend who has a degree in Nutrition to learn what's the difference between calories and kcalories, and how to translate kcal into cal.

Saturday, 05 November 2011

Saturday was a lazy day for me to move, but I did do the laundry today, which made me a bit tired, too. I didn't have that much time because I needed to attend an event at Landmark Trinoma. We left the house around 12nn and we got home a little past 8pm, so this day wasn't really a good, good day as far as movements is concerned.

As for my food, I had tuna sandwich for breakfast again...same as what I had the day before, but this one didn't have tomato slices, simply because we ran out of tomatoes already.


I ate lunch around 1:45pm, because mom said we should just eat out today. The first restaurant we saw was the Classic Savory, and since we still haven't eaten there, this seemed to be a good opportunity. We just went for their set menu - I had the single plate, mom and sis had the good for 2 plate. There were different choices, and since I am trying to lessen my pork intake, I just went for this one as I do miss eating cream dory fish. My plate had three small slices of fish, one of which I cut into two and gave it to mom and sis. The chicken I had was the breast / wing part, something I personally don't like, and since the 1/4 chicken was so big for me, I asked them if I could just trade my chicken for the drumstick. The plate was served with a glass of "Tropical Cooler," and I only drank half of it.

At the Latte Love event, I had a sip of the coffee, but that was just it: one sip. The cup of coffee I had I gave to my sister. I do love the smell of coffee, but I seriously don't prefer brewed coffee. :)

Salmon BBQ

The event ended around 5:30pm, and since it would take hours before we got home, mom suggested we eat early dinner already. I did bring my Pizza Hut GC (p500), but mom didn't want to use it. We ended up walking around the Food Court, and each of us chose our own food. I went for the Salmon BBQ by Reyes Barbecue, and I was glad I chose it, as we do know salmon is packed with Omega-3 goodness. I didn't eat all the rice though (hooray), because mom took a piece of my salmon.

Obviously, we didn't eat anymore after that meal.

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