Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Starting the Week.... Right?

You're my sunshine and I want you to know that my feelings are true...
I really love you.
- "You're My Bestfriend", Queen

Day 59

Good Morning

Celebrating for two days sort of made me feel a little guilty (even if I controlled my food intake), so I wanted to get back on track. I was a bit late going to Colinas Verdes, but at least I was able to get up and walk again.

This being a Monday, there weren't much people walking - it was like walking on a deserted road, but since I had my iPod with me (my soundtrack today is Queen's "Greatest Hits " album) and that I could send Pipoy a text message every now and then, walking has been easy breezy for me.


Pipoy was also doing his morning walk, and as always, he called me the time I reached the clubhouse - where I would take a U-Turn back to the gate. Again, we were seeing the same sky (even if his location is way far from mine) because when I told him about jet trail, he said he could see it, too. It felt amazing to be under the same sky as him, but his words of encouragement felt better.

I did my Hip Hop Abs routines (Cardio and Ab Sculpt) today, but I wasn't able to do the dumbbells workout because of what I ate for lunch.


Speaking of lunch, here's what I ate today:
  • 8:45am - Oatmeal (4 heaping tablespoons cooked in water) + 1 sachet Bear Brand Busog Lusog cereal drink mix (chocolate flavor)
  • 12:04pm - 1/2 cup rice, Pork Ribs cooked a la Buffalo Wings (50g pork ribs - weighed with bones, marinated and fried, served with honey-chili sauce), 1/2 cup cut-up veggies (sayote, carrots, cabbage, wombok), 1 banana
  • 7:15pm - 1/2 cup rice, 20g fried baby tawilis, 1 patty Okoy (mung bean sprouts, grated squash, sliced firm tofu, 1 piece prawn)
Total cups of Water: 15
Today I started the habit of eating oatmeal for breakfast. I was supposed to start yesterday - I initially planned to eat oatmeal for dinner, but a friend of mine suggested I eat oatmeal for breakfast so it will stay in my gut the entire day. I can certainly eat oatmeal even if it's just cooked in water, but the sachets of the Busog Lusog cereal drink mix will expire this December, so might as well use it. Well, I didn't have problems with regard to its taste, I just didn't really have the chance to use it before.

Last week, I was able to survive the whole week without eating pork. Today, I allowed myself to eat pork because this slab of baby back ribs has been in the freezer for two weeks now and brother told us we need to cook it this week or he will cook it. My sister wanted to try this recipe, but never had the chance to because she started working again, so she just asked me to cook it. I already marinated the ribs, but when I was about to cook it, I realized one key ingredient was missing. I just then fried the ribs and created a different sauce for it.

Every meal time, Pipoy would ask me what I will cook/eat. When I told him I was cooking pork, his response was, "You're going to eat pork?" He gave me the challenge of not eating pork last week, but I explained to him my side - that I just wanted to try a recipe and I won't eat a lot of it. He said he trusted me, but when I sent him a message after lunch that I felt bloated and heavy, he just reminded me to eliminate pork as much as I can. Well, I guess not eating pork for a week and eating some today shocked my tummy, so it will be the last pork dish I will eat this week - I am a foodie, I own a food blog, I attend food events, eliminating pork completely is not entirely good, but after feeling what I felt that lunch, I will surely try to eat as little of pork as possible. That means, I will only eat it when I attend events where I had to eat pork, or whenever I needed to try a pork recipe. As for that, I will just taste the dish just so I would know how it tasted because I needed to share the recipe on my food blog.

Tonight, Pipoy started on a new job, which felt a little bittersweet. I sure am happy that he's back in the work force and that it will allow him to grow as a person, but I miss him a lot because we always talk on the phone every night. Well, he did call me before he went to work, so that made me happy. I wish him all the best on this new job, and I would like to thank him for still taking care of me even if he's busy now.


  1. I had a week of no workouts and extra eating...eating less than I normally would at least. This week is "back at it" time! Love the photos...the trees are beautiful!

  2. What a gorgeous place to walk!

  3. Your first picture is GORGEOUS!! Happy Tuesday!!

  4. I went off my healthy diet last week, too, and I could really tell that I didn't feel as well.

    I am happily back on the healthy program today.



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