Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Sour Day

Day 49

Day 48 was a great day, and today the wheel seemed to have turned around.

First up, my cat Orange-y died. I knew he has been sick for a few days (he had colds), but yesterday night, even if he ate his meal and he was very sweet, I already felt something was wrong when he wanted to stay under the dining table or under my bed most of the time. This morning, I saw him under the table breathing heavily and I saw that his nostrils were covered with hardened phlegm and that his eyes were crying. I cleaned his face, but his body was a bit stiff and cold. I knew he would die anytime soon.

He died silently around 3:30 in the afternoon. I did wrap him up, but it was brother who dug a hole in our garden and buried the cat because I couldn't muster up the courage to bury my dear cat. He was such a sweet cat and it was sad to say goodbye to him this soon - he was only 3 years old.

Anyway, my period was wearing me down. My emotions were low and my muscles tend to get tired very soon. I still was able to do two Hip Hop Abs routines - the cardio and the hips, buns & thighs. I decided not to do the ab sculpt today because it would require me to lift the dumbbells - something I couldn't do today. I also was able to walk today, but not going to Colinas Verdes, but a market trip to buy ingredients for dinner.

Sinigang na Bangus

What I ate today -
  • 8:03am - 5 pieces Fish Lumpia (without the sauce)
  • 11:49am - 2/3 cup rice, Sinigang na Manok (1 piece chicken wing, 1 potato, cabbage, green beans, chili finger, instant sinigang mix with gabi)
  • 6:47pm - 1/2 cup rice, Sinigang na Bangus (110g milkfish - steak cut, kamote tops, yard long beans, sigarilyas), 120g fresh pineapple
Total Cups of Water: 11

Even my food were sour today. I was so lazy to go to the market that morning, so I just used what we had in the fridge. At first I was tempted to fry the wings and just make some coleslaw, but I remembered my goal to opt not to fry food this week, so I just cooked Sinigang. Well, the veggies were for Nilaga, but I don't seem to like the sound of "Nilagang Manok," so I added some instant sinigang mix.

For dinner, I really planned to cook Sinigang na Bangus (it was actually part of my meal plan this week), but my trip to the market that afternoon really made me exhausted. I suddenly wasn't in the mood for anything, and I found myself texting Pipoy, "Can I just fry the chicken wings?" We still have a lot of chicken wings and frying it would be time consuming, but I received a message from Pipoy saying, "Up to you. I know you'll know what to do." Hmmm... did he just pull a reverse psychology on me? Reading that, I then cleaned the milkfish, cut it and cook sinigang.

My period this time around was much heavier than the last time, making me feel uncomfortable most of the times. I felt sleepy and tired quite early today that I actually fell asleep while talking to Pipoy on the phone. He understood my situation, and before I bid the day farewell, I already told myself I will make the weekends my rest days.

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  1. Oh my gosh, That is so yummy sis. Inon-onan at fresh cooked. Reminds me to eat dinner now.


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