Thursday, November 10, 2011

Three Months of Rollercoaster

Day 40

Angel's Trumpet Little Flowers
Morning Jog

My sister's godparents franchised a restaurant and hoped for sister to work for them (though my sister still has to go through all the process on her own), and while the future is both hazy and bright, sister now has the "need" to shape up. Since we weren't able to do our morning walk yesterday, we promised we would go and have one today. I still don't go for jogs... still brisk walking for me, because I want to pace myself first and let my body adjust to brisk walking before I shift to jogging. Well, just like what Tomward said on my Blue Board thread, "Don't feel pressured to jog. As long as you get your heart rate up ok na 'yun. Kaya na siya ng walking as long as minimum of 30 mins. I'm doing planks now para malakas core muscles ko pero I'll start jogging when I hit my target weight." Maybe this weekend I will start going for light jogging.

Jessie Jump Jenny Jump Jessie Jump
Jenny Jump Jessie Jump Jenny Jump

We took the route going to the clubhouse again. This being a weekday, there weren't that much people jogging, so sister and I was able to enjoy our 10-minute rest time at the clubhouse. Well, we still tried to move even on our "rest mode," and we did jump shots. I still can't do those awesome jump shot poses, but in time... ;)

The whole walk took us two hours, and today I brought my iPod with me. Walking from our house to Colinas Verdes, I listened to Abba's "Gold" album... from the gate to the clubhouse, I listened to No Doubt's "The Singles" album... and from the clubhouse back to the gate, I listened to Queen's "Greatest Hits 1." We took the jeepney from Colinas Verdes to the marketplace near our neighborhood because sister wore slippers today (because her Achilles' Heel had a big wound), and she was uncomfortable walking. At the marketplace, we bought some veggies, then we walked back home.

Other exercises I did: Shaun T's "Hip Hop Abs Cardio" and "Hip Hop Abs Ab Sculpt" and two sets of exercises with the dumbbells (one after lunch, one after dinner) - still at 6 different sets with 30 reps each set. Mom saw me doing the after dinner exercises and shared with me one pose that her former aero teacher taught them. I was so thankful about it, because it sure was an affirmation that she supports me. Thanks a bunch, Momskie!

Paksiw na Isda

What I ate today:
  • 8:37am - 1 piece sliced whole wheat loaf bread + thin spread of Malunggay Spread (Bohol Bee Farm), 1 latundan banana
  • 11:47am - 1/2 cup rice, 1 cup Kalabasa at Patola with Misua, 1 piece tinapa (tamban fish)
  • 3:15pm - 1 bite of Papa John's "Grilled Chicken" pizza, 3 pieces fishballs with sweet chili sauce
  • 7:02pm - 1/2 cup rice, 1 piece Fish Paksiw with Mustasa Leaves

Today, I let my brother use my Papa John's GC for 1 small size pizza (kinda like Pizza Hut's personal pan pizza) because it will expire on the 15th. I told him to just eat the pizza so I won't have to eat it, but he took it home, which made me crave for it. I just gave it one bite just to know its taste, and since he had a heavy snack, I also ate three pieces of the fishballs he bought.

For dinner, I cooked prawns for the family, but I just ate some yesterday, so I cooked the fish. I did get to eat vegetables for lunch, but I still wanted to eat veggies for dinner, so I asked brother to buy me some mustasa leaves to go with my paksiw.

Before I close this post, let me just share another "before and after" picture:

3 Months Apart

I officially started this journey last August. That month, I was able to lose 6lbs, but when mom and I traveled to Cebu and Bohol, I stopped exercising and I stopped watching what I was eating, and by the end of September, I gained back the 6lbs I lost in August. I went back on track last October and come the first day of November, I was able to lose the 6lbs again.

Sounds like a yoyo, but the yoyo stops at that weigh in. I still haven't weighed myself since the first day of the month, but I am thankful that I still am persistent and motivated to go through this journey. There were slight changes between the two pictures, right?


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