Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thule from Sweden

My parents have different perspectives on how to buy items. When I was still studying and I needed to buy new shoes and bags, mom would often go for the cheap buys, which is always a miss (than a hit) because it did save her some money, but after a few months I would make another request for them to buy new items. My late father on the other hand, would like to "invest" on pricey yet sturdy items because not only did it save him money in the long run, it also saves him the annoyance of going to the mall with us and buy our much needed things.

I would like to believe I got my late father's perspective. When it comes to bags and shoes, I don't mind spending twice the amount of what my mom would like to buy if it ensures me quality. Well, not all pricey means sturdy, so it is best to actually know what to buy.

Just this year, the first Thule concept store in Asia was opened here in the Philippines, and last Tuesday, I was with my siblings to attend their product launch. Thule may be a new brand, but they have been in the business for many years, and was first known for their roof racks. In 2007, Thule bought Case Logic and started producing automotive bags and then crossed over to functional yet stylish bags, which was made available in the Asia Pacific Region in 2009.

Thule has four collection:

Crossover - Depending on the bag model, the bags on the crossover collection have compartments for helmets, gloves, and other necessities. These bags are very durable, but are light enough for you to store as much stuff you want to pack. It also has compartments for your gadgets.

One of the bags that made me go wow was this rolling luggage because it seemed to have everything I wanted in a luggage. It has ample space for clothes and has its own compartment for the gadgets... it has a safe zone for the fragile items (like eyeglasses and small gadgets), it has big wheels for easy dragging across different surfaces, and although it is made as a rolling luggage, it has different straps/handles strategically placed around the bag so that you can carry it however you wish, too. It even has hidden padded straps that will transform the luggage into a big knapsack!

En Route - Now this is my kind of bag! My work place is far from our house that sometimes I needed to pack extra clothes for those days when I can't commute home. My usual choice of bag whenever I knew I won't come home was my knapsack, which was doing its job, but I often find my items mixed inside. The Thule En Route bags also have compartments for laptops and tablets - so even if you packed a whole lot of clothes and toiletries and other thingies, your gadgets are very much secured in its place. The bags also have two safe zones to store your fragile items and it has a pocket on the side for your water bottle. It's a very functional bag you can use either at school, at work, and yes, for traveling. My sister and I are actually planning to buy a bag each when we finalize the plans for a Mt. Pulag trek.

The Gauntlet - The first two Thule collections are weather-resistant, but not totally waterproof, but the Gauntlet collection is waterproof, to ensure your gadgets are very secured from sudden weather change. It is padded and it has a soft velvety lining inside to protect the surfaces of your laptops. Now, this collection is made specifically for the MacBook, but it can also be used on different brands, as long as it fits, of course.

Perspektiv - This collection is for photographers - both hardcore and enthusiasts. There are different sizes to hold different kinds of DSLR cameras as well as the lenses and other accessories, and the messenger type of bag also has its own laptop compartment, perfect for photographers who needed to transfer files as soon as possible. For the compact camera users, there's also this small bag that looks like a lunch bag - the camera and the batteries are placed on the hard shell like compartment and other knick-knacks can be placed on the bag above, which can be folded to follow the amount of contents inside - really kinda like a lunch bag.

Checking the price tags, the Thule bags are indeed more expensive than the typical bags we see at the mall, but not really over the top expensive. Given its mission to provide durable bags, these are made to last many, many years... and they even have 25 years warranty!

If you want to check the bags and purchase one for yourself (or as a gift), the Thule concept store is located at the 4th level of SM City North EDSA. Select bags are also available at the Power Mac Center as well at Tripologie branches at Eastwood Citywalk 2, Alabang Town Center, and Bonifacio Global City.

Monday, June 10, 2013

OMG Nail Polish | Disco Ball

OMG Nail Polish | Disco Ball

I tend to agree that the hex glitters are becoming passe, especially with the many glitter nail polishes coming out, but because I can't afford the international brands, I am happy with the locally produced nail polishes, and when I saw a bottle of this OMG Nail Polish called "Disco Ball," I didn't hesitate buying one bottle because it looked different from the ones I already own.

A combination of green and pink hex glitters plus some itty bitty small glitters that tend to change color as the light hits it.

OMG Nail Polish | Disco Ball
OMG Nail Polish | Disco Ball

I don't know where else to put this, so I layered it over OMG Nail Polish "Banana Boat." It turned out good because the yellow seemed to brought out the colors of the glitters, but one thing that I loved the most about this one is its jelly base. It has a thick consistency and the glitters are slightly loose, so I recommend dabbing the whole length of the brush on your nails to adhere the glitters. Even if it's thick, it doesn't bubble and it dries quickly and because of this thick consistency, it looks as if you have a layer of gel on your nails, and is quite sturdy, too.

How I wish OMG will create a top coat with this consistency because I just love it.

Friday, June 7, 2013

OMG Nail Polish | Banana Boat

When it comes to nail polish, my usual colors have been brown, pink, and little of purple. When I started loving the look of painted nails, I started going for colors outside of my comfort zone - blue, green, and orange. Even then, I liked the idea of using yellow nail polish, but was always afraid that it would not look good on my slightly dark skin tone.

Once, a blogger pal made a comment on a Facebook thread about coffee saying, "I know a person who claims she's a coffee addict yet only drinks Starbucks. How can you be a coffee addict if you're only going for one brand? Addiction knows no limit, right?" That comment had always been memorable with me (nope, I am not the person in the comment, I am pretty much an instant coffee type of a person, my last Starbucks was May 2011), and I applied that same principle with my budding addiction to nail polish.

OMG Nail Colors | Banana Boat
OMG Nail Colors | Banana Boat

If I call myself a nail polish addict, I should have no limit, too, right? So... I bought myself a bottle of yellow nail polish, and I was so happy that it turned out to be okay.

I have been sharing a few OMG Nail Colors here on the blog, so you already know that I didn't like the brush of this brand, and this was no different. The good side is that I love the consistency of the nail polish... you can go as thick as you want and the lacquer evens out and dries flat, and it doesn't bubble despite the thick application as well. Speaking of drying, I loved that this dries very quick - dry to touch within minutes and is fully dry after an hour.

It can be a good one-coater, but because of the brush I had to go for two thick coats. No top coat for this as I am going to top it with a glitter top coat, which I will share on Monday.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Outfit of the Day | Summer's Last Hurrah

It's been raining almost every afternoon, but because some schools haven't officially started another school year, it is still summer. Hahaha. Well, despite the rains, it still is humid and quite sunny in the morning and mid-afternoon, so I decided to wear something summery today.

Top - American Eagle Outfitters
Blazer - *bought at tiangge*
Shorts - Mossimo
Shoes - Brash
Knapsack - Interfool

My shift at work for this week is 3pm - 12mn, which means I have to leave the house at 12nn so I have enough time to travel (yes, we live way too far from my workplace). Noon time is when the heat is at its peak, so I felt the need to wear a halter top...but because I leave the restaurant at around 12:30am or 1am, I need something to cover my shoulders because it can get a little cooler.

The sandals I am wearing is something I bought at the Payless Shoe Source. I still haven't done a little photoshoot for the latest footwear I've bought because I didn't have enough time to have a pedicure (what I have on my toes is a week old pedicure I gave myself - just brushing the nail polish, without having to do a whole lot of ceremonies like my sister does). As soon as I can ask my sister to pamper my toes, I will share pictures of the footwear.

PS - That is not our house, by the way... I was waiting for the tricycle to pass by our street and one of the neighbor's houses had a shade, so I just stood there while waiting for my ride out of the neighborhood.