Friday, November 25, 2011

It's a Salmon Day!

Day 55

Salmon Head

Picture sucks, I know... but believe it or not, that's the only picture I took today, and I took that just to keep track of time since I lost the tickler am using as my food journal (I plan to buy and decorate one this weekend), I use my date/time enabled cell phone to act as my food journal. Anyway, as the title suggested, today is a salmon day for me. Every time the family do grocery shopping, we always buy salmon heads, because it's one of our favorite fish (except brother), and buying the heads would be our best bet to eat salmon, since the steak cuts can be really expensive.

Normally, each one of us in the family would have 1/2 of head each, but because I am now watching my food intake, I would cook the meat under the main head (what was that called... cheek? jaw?) for one meal, and I'd eat the main head part for another meal. We had a lot of veggies left from last night's Sinigang, so I went to cook my other share using the leftover veggies and broth. For lunch, I planned to binge - 1 cup of rice and this whole head, but I am happy to say that I can control my urges, because I only ate a few of the meat and half of the rice. This image above was my leftover fish from lunch (you can see how much I ate for lunch - just fill in the missing part of the head, haha), which I reheated for dinner.

All in all, this was what I ate for today:
  • 8:03am - 1/2 cup rice, 1 egg (sunny side up) + 1 tablespoon banana ketchup
  • 12:01pm - 1/2 cup rice, Salmon Sinigang (some salmon meat and veggies - sigarilyas, mustasa and kangkong leaves)
  • 6:53pm - 1/2 cup rice, Salmon Sinigang (pictured above)
Total Cups of Water: 13

Yesterday, I talked about feeling low... and I am happy to say that today was much better day for me. Even if I didn't get to do my morning walk because of rains, I still was able to do my Hip Hop Abs routines - Cardio and Hips, Buns & Thighs. Late afternoon, I walked to the market to buy some ingredients for mom and brother's dinner. So far, all of the goals I set for myself this week has been a success. A few more days and it's weekend. Hmmm... what reward shall I give myself?

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