Friday, November 11, 2011

Late Morning Walk

Day 41

Good Morning

I woke up very early today, because my cat Oreo is currently going through a phase (looking for a mate) and he would just purr and meow endlessly, even at the wee hours. Anyway, I got up instantly (as I don't want to miss another day and another chance to walk if I would close my eyes again and doze back to sleep), but at first I thought I'd miss this morning's walk because there were so many stray dogs that would bark at almost anyone who passes by our street (one of our neighbors' dog has the reputation to bark and follow people then bite them from behind), so I didn't wake sister up anymore, but she did wake up early, too.

Quarter to six in the morning, I heard our neighbors call on their dog, so sis and I were still able to go out and walk. We were quite late, so the only sunrise picture I was able to take was this one just near the marketplace. We reached Colinas Verdes 30 minutes after this shot.

Steep Uphill Climb Shadow

The sun was way too hot today because there weren't that much clouds, so sister and I didn't walk to the Clubhouse anymore. Instead, we took the last route we took maybe two months ago. I personally prefer this route compared to the one going to the Clubhouse because this routes allows me to sweat out real good because of the uneven roads that would require me to take uphill climbs.

Pipoy called me while walking (he was doing his morning walk as well), and he just motivated me to push and exert more effort - especially walking through that steep uphill climb. I greatly appreciated his way of motivating me and him telling me he is proud of my enthusiasm and willingness to push harder just warmed my heart. Thanks, Pipoy!

Makahiya Flowers

Taking a different route also allowed me to stop for a while and just admire random beauties, including this one. This one really looked like Makahiya (Bashful Mimosa), but it looked slightly different than the normal ones I see. I also got to see some cute white wild flowers that day, which I will share next time - if I get to see them the next time we walk this route.

I loved our walk, really. It just feels great to be sweaty and all...and seeing other people doing their morning fitness routines gave me more motivation and strength. We might not know each other, but I think we all emit motivation and inspiration - be it positive ("I want to be like them so I will walk.") or negative ("I don't want to end up like them so I will walk.")

I was so tired the time we got home. For some reason, I caught a cold virus and I started feeling awkward come late in the morning. In the afternoon, I was contemplating if I would still do Hip Hop Abs, but in the end, I still was able to push myself to do it despite the slightly drowsy feeling. I also was able to use my dumbbells today.

Grilled Pork and Veggies

As for my food, I had:
  • 8:20am - 1 piece sliced Whole Wheat loaf bread + Malunggay Spread
  • 11:15am - 1/2 cup rice, 60g Curry Battered Fish (Cream Dory fish dipped in curry seasoned batter then fried), 50g Coleslaw with Chopped Tomatoes
  • 4:30pm - 1 piece Ham and Cheese buchi
  • 6:40pm - 1/2 cup rice, 50g Grilled Fat-less Pork, 1/2 cup Mixed Vegetables (Cut up carrots, sayote, cabbage, wombok cooked in little water seasoned with oyster sauce and ground pepper)
Total Cups of Water: 13

We still have cream dory fish, which I wanted to use to try out recipes. I got to try a new recipe and I liked it... giving me another choice how to cook the fish. The buchi I saw at the market and bought some for mom because she doesn't like Whole Wheat bread. Sister and I shared one buchi, because I wanted to taste it for my food blog, Tara, Let's Eat!

I am grateful that brother grilled the pork and discarded the fat while cutting up the meat before serving it. I appreciated his simple ways of taking fatty food out of my diet, and one very good lesson: If it's not served, you won't eat it. :)

Today, I was supposed to attend a Pizza party. I consulted Pipoy about it and allowed me to go, but upon learning that it was somewhat a Pizza taste test, he suggested I reconsider it because he didn't want to ruin the effort I exerted just to lose weight. I do understand that being a food blogger on a journey to weight loss can be difficult, but I am not saying goodbye to attending events (no way). I guess now I just have to make great choice which to attend. No regrets... I know my body thanked me for this little favor.

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  1. totally loving that first picture.. Beautiful sky shot

  2. Wonderful post, I really enjoyed it. I loved the pictures of your walk. The food looks yummy! I'll have to check out the food blog. I love to cook.

    Hugs, LisaKay Belles Roses Romantiques

  3. loved the sun rays, so pretty :-) pretty flowers too :-) the food makes me hungry because I am truly am hungry :-) Dropping some love for Pink Fridays, hope that you can return the favor too.

  4. You're totally inspiring Jenn. Keep the motivations alive and someday, somehow your body will forever be grateful not to a little favor no more but to a one good mind and spirit you have.

  5. I love the food!! he,he!!

    Visiting for PF!! Hope you can visit me too:)

  6. this is the first time i have encountered your blog sis jenn and I already feel that I will be following your posts, just for this one, i really enjoyed reading it and at the same time got inspired with your pursuit to wellness...more power and keep; us updated...

    sending love from PF#96!new GFC follower here as well


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