Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thinspiration: My High School Classmate

Weekends in general is a lazy time for me. I don't blog much, I don't do much... and yes, I consider this the time to rest. However, I sure can't afford to be lazy, so I decided to make Saturdays an Inspirational day - a reminder of what lies ahead of this journey, so I won't really stop moving even if the much strenuous workouts take a rest.

Inspirations are indeed everywhere, but this being the first post, I would like to feature a good friend of mine who has really been an inspiration since then.

3rd Year
2nd Year

I met JSP (full name I decided not to share, sorry) in High School. Back then, we were teased being the "big ones," classmates would call her "Yokozuna," I was called "Bam-Bam," (names of heavy weight WWF wrestlers) and even if the labels were quite hurting, we were able to just brushed it off and laughed at it. Even if I already felt the need to diet, I never really took the first step as seeing her much bigger than I am sort of made me feel secured - as if saying, "at least I am not the biggest in the class." Even if she's bigger than I am, one thing I was jealous of was her flat tummy. She can really wear all sorts of dresses and all would look fabulous on her.

We never really got to talk about going on a diet - all of us five in the clique just loved to eat, but come our last year in college, she did surprise us...

4th Year losing a lot of weight. Summer before our senior year, we were asked to attend summer classes to prepare us for the NSAT (National Secondary Achievement Test). at first we didn't notice her weight loss, until one time, we both went to the canteen and one of the teachers were teasing me that I was getting a lot bigger. That can be true, but it could also be because she was slimming down. By July of that year, it was already noticeable that she did lose weight.

Asking about her ways of losing weight, she told us never to follow what she did. She first started doing the "After Six Diet," but because we were still quite young and we depend on our parents as to what food to eat for meals, there were times she would totally skip dinner just because it was served after 6pm. She told us that there was this one time that she nearly fainted because there weren't much food in her system to give her energy.

Her ways of losing the weight may be something I would not follow (skipping meals), but I still see her as an inspiration because she was able to maintain her weight until today.


Speaking of "today," here's her most recent picture - taken during a Boracay trip with her boyfriend. Would you believe she is a mother of a 7-year old girl? Truly inspirational!

We were supposed to meet yesterday (04 November), but it was cancelled... should we meet in the future, I'd interview her and share to you some of the ways she did to maintain her slender figure.

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