Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A New Month, A New Start

It sure feels great to say I lost 6lbs from last month, but I still have 70lbs more to lose, so I have to keep moving forward.

It was already 12:30am of November 01 when Pipoy and I finished talking on the phone. He told me he will be walking and jogging that morning, and since I wanted to do go back into the same habit, he asked if it would be okay if he would call me around 5:20am so I could prepare for my own walk. I said yes, but part of me was doubting if I could get up that early since it would mean just getting 5 hours of sleep. I decided not to set my alarm, but he did call me. Wow, my fitness buddy sure was serious about helping me. :) My head was heavy and aching real bad, but even if he didn't really force me to get up, him telling me he is already dressed and ready to go out made me prepare for my own walk. My sister went with me today, and at 5:56am, we were ready.


We reached Colinas Verdes 20 minutes after. I did stretch before we left, but near the gate, I stopped to stretch more. It's been nearly two months since we last went here, so Pipoy told me not to jog, but to go brisk walking instead. During our talk last night, he told me about playing a beat on my head as I walk. I didn't bring my iPod with me because I don't use it that much and I don't think I have a lot of upbeat songs that would be my guide. My sister brought her cell phone with lots of MP3 songs, so by the time we reach the place, we pretty much were on our own world. I walked at my pace, she walked at her own pace.

Today's exercise was to keep walking at a steady pace for at least 30 minutes. Brisk walking sure was a bit strenuous, and I did feel my thighs burning. From time to time, Pipoy would send me a message to ask how am I going, and even with that effort, it felt as if he was walking beside me.

Since we won't jog today, sister and I decided to walk to the Clubhouse. The last time I reached the clubhouse, it was still under construction, and today it was somewhat finished already (although not really yet).

Clubhouse Clubhouse

We knew there would be a pool, but because they constructed the area to attract people to buy lots, the water wasn't really clean - they just put water there as part of the "show" for open house sessions. Anyway, sister told me there were so many tadpoles and one interesting moment was seeing a frog swimming - trying to find a way to get out of the pool. Whenever people would come near the edge of the pool, it would swim away, but there was this time when the frog stopped, maybe because it was tired from swimming. After a few more minutes, the frog was able to jump onto a small plank of wood, and in no time it was able to jump out of the pool. It was surprisingly amazing.

What did the frog taught me? There are moments in life when you feel you're going nowhere; that you feel you're running non-stop only to find yourself back at square one. However, we must learn to continue moving forward for there will come a time that we would see the light at the end of the tunnel.

My sister took some minutes to take pictures, but we didn't really take that much time because we couldn't let our muscles relax that much. While walking back (still keeping up with the beat), Pipoy called me and talked to me, just to check my breathing (told you, he is a strict fitness buddy). Sadly, my sister's legs were aching a lot the time we reached the main gate, so we took the jeep going to the marketplace, just outside our neighborhood. We reached home at 8:14am.

I also did Hip Hop Abs Cardio at 10:16am, and a round of dumbbells exercises (6 sets, 30 reps each) at 1pm. Around 3pm, I decided to take a nap because my head was really aching.

Instant Kare-Kare

Food intake today:
  • 8:21am - 1 cup Athena Milk, 2 pieces sliced loaf bread + 1 teaspoon egg salad spread (boiled eggs, minced onions, mayo, salt and pepper)
  • 12:07pm - 1/2 cup rice, Kare-Kare (50 grams beef, sitaw, and eggplant cooked in instant Kare-Kare mix)
  • 6:44pm - Oatmeal (4 heaping tablespoons of rolled oats cooked in water), 1 tablespoon Bibingka, 1 slice Papaya
Total Cups of Water: 13

Pipoy was a bit disappointed to know I had egg sandwich, but he let it pass for now. Well, I do know mayo isn't a very healthy choice, so I will try to avoid it if I can, or maybe go for the Lite Mayonnaise. Pipoy gave me a short list of food items I might want to go for: Whole Wheat Bread, Canned Tuna in Water, Chicken Breast. Well, healthy eating can be a bit expensive (Lite Mayo and Whole Wheat Bread are more expensive than the "normal" ones), but again.. he reminded me of the reason why I am embarking this journey.

Little by little, Pipoy is slowly changing my life. I don't think I can thank him enough for the care he is giving me. He really wants me to achieve my goals, and with him around, for sure I will reach my goals. :)

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  1. Whoa! You've been busy Jenn! Keep up the good work!
    And that frog photo, I am in LOVE with! It's perfect!

  2. thanks for joining tina´s ww! happy ww :)

  3. Awesome work ... photos and fitness! Blessings to you.


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