Saturday, November 12, 2011

Under the Weather

Day 42

Let me start this post with what I ate:

Ginisang Munggo with Tinapa

  • 9:11am - 1 piece sliced Whole Wheat loaf bread, 1 sunny side up egg
  • 11:01am - 2/3 cup rice, Homemade Buffalo Wings (1 piece chicken wing - cut into two fried with chili breading, served with honey-chili sauce), 1 cup Nescafe Brown n' Creamy coffee
  • 6:37pm - 1/2 cup rice, 1/2 cup Ginisang Munggo (Mung Beans, lean ground pork, spinach leaves), 1 piece fish tinapa
Total Cups of Water: 18

I woke up with a very sore throat. I had so much phlegm that morning and that I was feeling drowsy, so I didn't go out to do my morning walk. I upped my water intake today because my first line of defense whenever I get the cold virus is to drink lots of water.

Normally, when people are sick, they won't have the appetite to eat. That's not the case for me. I actually crave more food whenever I am sick (regardless if I could or could not taste them), so today I tried out a chicken recipe, even if I already ate an egg for breakfast. I only cooked for myself - my lunch wasn't too much come to think of it, but an hour after eating, I threw up all my food because my tummy was churning and I was so sensitive to certain smells so I wasn't able to keep the food in my body.

Come dinner, I cooked mung beans because I was able to see some spinach. My sister prefers this over the other greens for mung beans, so I just honored her request. Brother loves eating tinapa, so I went to eat one for tonight.

I felt much better after eating dinner, but I seriously hope this cold virus goes away quick.

I was able to do my Hip Hop Abs (Cardio) and Hip Hop Abs (Ab Sculpt) today despite the drowsy feeling. I was able to use my pair of 2lbs dumbbells for the Ab Sculpt workout, but I wasn't able to do my individual dumbbell exercises because my muscles are feeling quite sore and tired.

Magnolia Lite Nutrition Facts

By the way, I found a good alternative for the typical butter and margarine. I was over the nearest grocery store and saw this... and while at the store I checked the other tubs of margarine (Dari Creme and Star), and true enough this has the least amount of calories and sodium, because both Dari Creme and Star have 100+ calories per 15g (1 tablespoon). This tasted okay for me, so I guess from now on, if there's the need to use butter or margarine, I will just go for this.

Since I started documenting my journey, I still haven't revealed what my poison is. Wanna know what is my poison?


Crunchy Chicharon!

When I sent sister a text message saying I cooked mung beans, her initial response was, "I will buy some chicharon." That sounded like music to me, but I was so thankful that brother and I already had our dinner when she arrived; meaning even if I wanted to eat these babies, I couldn't anymore because I was already full. Well, it was already quite late when she arrived (a little past 9pm, I think), so she didn't eat anymore... she just let me open the bag and photograph the chicharon.

...I felt quite bad that I couldn't eat it, but I guess my body thanked me for not giving in to temptations, even if I could see and hear brother munching on these a few minutes after.

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