Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Not a Manic Monday

Day 52


I started the day by walking. Since walking alone is not something new to me anymore, part of me was a bit sad that my fitness buddy Pipoy wasn't able to call me because he was busy processing some papers, but we do exchange text messages from time to time. My iPod was my company for this day's walk. I did brisk walking, but today's soundtrack were Hanson's "Shout it Out" album and Jewel's "This Way" album. More slow songs, yes, but I was in the mood for some singing, that's why.

My route was the same: going to the clubhouse. Today, I just made one trip and I didn't stop much because I have been walking this route quite a few times already so it felt as if I have photographed all the weeds and the wildflowers there. Hahaha.

Walking today was about one and a half minutes. I decided not to make a second trip back to the clubhouse because it was quite chilly that day, I still felt the chills even if I was wearing my sweatshirt.


A few steps from our house, I saw this bird on the road. Our neighborhood do have a lot of trees, but birds were typically those little brown ones. Seeing this black and white bird was something so unique, making me stop for a while to photograph it. The picture was a bit blurry because I couldn't take a step closer - I had to rely on my camera's zoom function. Not a good quality picture, but something precious to me.

Bloody Mary's still around, so my other exercises were still quite "light," - aside from the morning walk, I also did two Hip Hop Abs routines: Cardio and Ab Sculpt.

Fish Paksiw

This week, Pipoy "challenged" me not to eat pork and beef this week. I actually asked him to throw me a challenge, because me stepping on the scales yesterday motivated me to push harder and finish strong this month. I can only get my proteins from seafood, egg, and chicken (breast part).

Before I go further, here's what I ate this day:
  • 7:56am - 1/2 chocolate cupcake (minus the candy topper), 1 cup Nescafe brown n' creamy coffee
  • 12:42pm - 2/3 cup rice, 50g sardines (canned - Spanish style)
  • 7:06pm - 1/2 cup rice, Fish Paksiw (85g fish cooked in vinegar with salt, pepper, chili finger and ginger), 1/4 cup Coleslaw (cabbage, carrots, minced garlic and onions, mayonnaise), 110g fresh pineapple
Total Cups of Water: 13

For lunch, brother cooked the baby back ribs. He offered it to me, but I told him about my mission for today and opted to open the can of Spanish-style sardines. Well, seeing how cute the baby back ribs (sure looked as if it was from a restaurant) made me drool, but walking this journey this long now, I think I already knew how to control myself.

For dinner, we still had some leftover baby back ribs, but I cooked fish paksiw, so somehow, mom was a bit puzzled why I didn't get some. I told them my mission, and they were in full support, mom even told me to keep it up.

The Beck Diet Solution

Also today, I started reading Judith S. Beck Ph.D's book, "The Beck Diet Solution." Yes, I would share the day to day program starting December, but there were a few chapters about introductions and all, so I thought I'd start reading it prepare myself. I still don't know what the whole program was all about, but I am very excited to embark on it.

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