Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pipoy's Version of the Insanity Workout

'Cause I may be bad, but I'm perfectly good at it...
- "S&M", Rihanna

Day 57

Insanity Workout

Although he doesn't comment on any of my blogs, Pipoy is an avid reader. He would share his comments through text and phone calls, and seeing my wish list (check the side panel), he told me he wanted to help me cross out as much items as quickly as possible.

First on his list were two fitness videos I am hoping to do: Jillian Michaels' "30 Day Shred" and Shaun T's "Insanity." He got himself a copy of "Insanity," and today we met up again just so he could show me how the workout was like.

However, Shaun T's workout was very intense that I told him I might have to wait before I reach 170lbs before I can do it because it was just freakin' difficult to do - even the people on the video doing the workouts were too tired doing the routines. My dear fitness buddy Pipoy then suggested we do a slightly much easier way - still putting the "Insanity" as the inspiration.

He showed me some routines I could follow - side steps, push ups, sit ups using the core as the leverage. It was intense... at least for me.

Putting his own workout to the test was fun, but difficult. Well, first rounds were okay, but as it builds momentum, it was getting more and more intense. Pipoy was with me all time - guiding me, teaching me the correct way to do it, and today I was on top of the world! The feeling of doing something I was afraid to do (because of my weight) made me doubt myself and my strength, but him with me kinda cushions the blow, as if he was carrying me. Seeing the world from the top can be both exhilarating and mind blowing... but the workout made my legs really tired! So tired it felt like jelly and taking a step felt wobbly.

Pipoy's workout may not be as intense as Shaun T's, but it was as insane. insane that I love to do more of it.

Workouts can drain your strength, it will make your body ache... but it's the kind of pain that can give you satisfaction. I just am thankful I met Pipoy who doesn't just support me, he also helps me spread my wings and fly.

I love my fitness buddy!


After that intense workout, we went to Cubao... just so I could see the place again, and I asked him if we could pass by the Shoe Expo side just to take a picture of Bellini's facade. My write up about the restaurant will be shared in a few weeks, and because I wasn't able to take a picture of the facade then, I figured I'd take one now.

Pizza Hut

However, we didn't eat at Bellini's because their food is quite expensive... instead we ate at Pizza Hut in Ali Mall. Pipoy has been good to me - putting up with my sudden mood changes, putting up with my negative vibes (I still get a lot of it), even giving me rewards for pushing myself to get closer to my goal. The first time we met, he gave me this cable that I can use for my iPod and he gave me a whole lots of songs I can use as my soundtrack while walking; today he gave me not just one, but three rewards (will share it next time though). He is my biggest supporter and my number one fan, that I figured I'd treat him for lunch today - maybe as my peace offering for the many times I elevated his blood pressure, or may be as a way of giving back his kindness and generosity, or may be a way of rewarding him for being my willing fitness buddy.

This being my "cheat" day, he allowed me to eat pizza, but because it's Saturday and my challenge of not eating pork and processed meat is still up, I took out the meat off my pizza. I could have chosen the garden pizza, but the Super Supreme is my favorite Pizza Hut flavor because it had onions, bell peppers (yummy) and pineapples. The pizza had 6 slices, and because it was not equally sliced (two slices were so big and four were too little), I went for a slice of the little one. The pasta was Pipoy's choice; he asked me if I wanted the cream based one, but I told him I'd rather go for the pesto - basil and olive oil vs. cream and chicken, I guess we all know which was the better option. Eating out was part of one's fitness routine, and even if I had the privilege to go and be merry, Pipoy told me he was proud of me for making good choices. We shared the pasta, but he ate 60% of it, I only went for 40%, because the pizza was already enough to make me full.

Full list of food I ate for today:
  • 5:57am - 1 piece of sliced white bread (toasted) + thin spread of lite margarine
  • 1:52pm - 1 small slice of Super Supreme pan pizza (regular size) + pesto pasta + 1 glass of lemonade
  • 7:23pm - 1/2 cup rice, 1/2 cup dinengdeng (diced sweet potatoes, bataw, malunggay, and patani cooked in boiling water seasoned with bagoong balayan), 50g fried bisugo fish
Mom cooked tonight's dinner and I was so happy to be eating dinengdeng again. I bought some tawilis at the market because I didn't know mom would go to the market as well (she already left when I arrived at home). It was nice to be eating dinengdeng again; I miss eating malunggay... I guess I should include it in my next meal plan.

ps - I inserted a quote from Rihanna's "S&M" song because when he first talked to me about the the songs he wanted me to listen to while walking / jogging, he somewhat knew I liked the beat of "S&M." While walking around Ali Mall, we were talking about the song (of course we knew what the song was about) and entering a sports shop, the song was playing in the background. :)

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