Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Okoy Overload

To be happy, concentrate on things you have, not on what you don't have.
- excerpt from a text message sent by my cousin Jayze

Day 60

Furry Grass Trees

I am quite the paranoid type and I dislike confrontations. I didn't share this on my post for Day 59, but while walking, a "beggar," who looks quite decent and neat chased me just to ask for money. I told her I didn't have any money and instead of letting it go and ask a different person to ask for some alms, she got angry at me, as if it was my obligation to give her money. Reading her body actions, the paranoid in me sensed that she wanted to take my camera purse - which looked like a money purse (maybe the reason why she chased me - she thought the purse was for money). I truly cannot afford to lose my camera, so for today's walk, I left my camera and took my cell phone instead - something I can put inside my pocket.

Since I passed by the route every walking day, I felt I have already photographed most of the subjects, but carrying my cell phone with me opened to new perspectives. Sure, I wasn't able to take much macro shots because my cell phone is quite selective whenever I use the macro function of my cell phone. Still, my cell phone's camera impressed me a lot today.

Even if Pipoy's off at work was early morning, he still called to check on me. Yeah, I know I have a very sweet and supportive fitness buddy, something I am really thankful for. I didn't stop much during this walk and I kept with my pace, so I was able to finish quite fast.

I was also able to do my two Hip Hop Abs routines today (Cardio and Hips, Buns & Thighs), but late afternoon I felt really tired, so I let brother take care of dinner while I catch a nap. :)


What I ate today:
  • 8:27am - Oatmeal (4 heaping tablespoons of rolled oats cooked in water) + 1 sachet Bear Brand Busog Lusog cereal drink mix + 1 banana
  • 12:05pm - 3 patties Okoy (mung bean sprouts, grated squash, slices of firm tofu, 1 piece prawn cooked in batter) + dipping sauce (soy sauce, vinegar, minced onions and ground pepper)
  • 7:00pm - 1/2 cup rice, 1 tablespoon salted eggs with tomatoes, 1 patty Okoy (mung bean sprouts, grated squash, slices of firm tofu, 1 piece prawn cooked in batter), 1 slice ripe papaya
I didn't cook all the prepared ingredients for Okoy last night, so for today's lunch, I decided to cook it again. However, brother was asleep come lunch time and he didn't eat his share when he woke up, so we had some leftovers. Well, so we won't waste food, we just ate it for dinner, since mom was out with office friends.

I do love Okoy, but this particular recipe was so different that it sort of tasted like fried vegetable spring rolls. I still prefer the one with lots of small shrimps, but because this had veggies, I felt it was a much better choice... although the oil sort of made me feel sluggish (just my guess). I did drain the excess oil in the patties using paper towels - even pressed a fresh sheet of paper towel on my Okoy before I ate it, but I guess eating fried food is already causing not-so-good effects.

and then, she {snapped} NapTime MomTog Wordish Wednesday


  1. I love reading your blog. Hubbers and I just decided it was time to loose some weight. He has more to take off then I do, but 20 pounds still seems like a lot to me. Reading about other people's weight loss journeys helps me keep at it when I feel the least like it. So, thank you for sharing your journey with me. -Rachelle

  2. i like this quote on the top! thanks for joining us with this wonderful pics ♥

  3. Great photos. Love that third shot.


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