Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Time for Another Room Makeover

Our house only had two bedrooms back then, so when we welcomed sister into the family and one of my older cousins took care of her while brother and I were at school and parents were at work, one of the rooms used to have two double decker beds. As we grew older, parents decided to extend the house to give brother his own room. In time, my sister, my cousin, and I shared the room, until cousin left after graduating from college.

circa 2000

Since it was just sister and I sharing the room, parents disposed the double decker beds, and placed the old bed from the masters' bedroom in our room, making us share one bed. At first it was okay, but since it was just a double-sized bed, sharing it with sister was difficult, because she moved a lot while sleeping.

circa 2006

In 2005, our late father gave in to our request to have 2 separate beds in the room, but because the space in the room was small, we had no choice but to place the two beds together. It resolved the bed space issues. :)

However, they bought not-so-good beds because just a year after, we realized there were bugs eating their way inside the wood. Dad treated the beds with different kinds of pesticides, but because the wood was very thick, the pesticides didn't do anything to cure the problem. We couldn't send it back to the store because a year has already passed, so we just lived with it, after all, the bugs were inside the wood, although they already created a few holes around the bed.

A few months after dad died, one of the beds caved in, and since sister is already sleeping in mom's room (just so mom won't feel alone), we disposed one of the beds. Over the next years, I used the other bed... even if the bugs would continue eat through the wood. I haven't seen any of the bugs since dad used pesticides, but of course in time some parts of the bed became hollow, and last year, the bugs ate their way through the headboard - forcing me to evacuate the room for some time in fears that the bugs might enter my ears when I sleep. I went back to the room after a week or so, and the other night, the inevitable happened... one part of the bed collapsed, and I was forced to sleep in the living room.

I have always wanted to have a room makeover. Since the house renovation in year 2001, the house now has a high ceiling, and recognizing the small floor space in the room, I want to maximize the height of my room.

This wasn't the exact idea in my mind, but this image I grabbed from Pinterest was the closest. Since I am the only one using the bedroom, I don't see the need to have a big bed, so I wanted something like this - giving me enough floor room for a table and chair for my netbook (considering we will soon have a router at home). I want to go with this one, and using the remaining space for a shoe and bag rack.

This image I saw on my goddaughter's Facebook page - something she grabbed elsewhere (don't know where, though). I liked the design of the bed... perfect for the books I plan to buy in the future.

Of the two pictures, I love the first one more because it is very close to the one I have always wanted, but the timing just sucks, because I needed money for many things at the moment.  I told mom I'd be okay sleeping in the living room for now while I save up for my dream bedroom. One thing's for sure, though... I am a step closer for another room makeover. :)

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