Sunday, April 28, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | 042813

I meant to put this on my photo blog, Shutter Happy Moments, but I decided to post this here instead, as I am really thinking of closing the other blog. Anyway, here's my interpretation to this week's Scavenger Hunt's prompts:

Ped Xing

Us siblings arrived at Max's Restaurant quite early, so while there is still light, my sister and I went out to take some pictures. She wanted to include part of the road when she asked me to take a picture of her, and seeing the pedestrian line, I just asked her to cross the street then walk towards me.

Pancit Canton

Yummy to My Tummy.
I don't know why, but I really, really love Chic-Boy's version of the Pancit Canton. The noodles are cooked good, it wasn't dry (I love a good slurp), and it has a lot of toppings! A dollar worth of goodness, that's what this is!


Favorite Toy.
Well... it just has to be my phone. :) I can read books with it, I can take pictures with it, I can communicate with it, and I can even surf the net with it.

Rain Nail Polish | Nirvana Bobbie Nail Polish | Matte Top Coat

What I Did This Week.
Well, aside from the usual - work, exercise, cook, clean (includes tending the garden), read books, and blog... I also painted my nails! I am getting a little fond of my short nails, and I am thinking of maintaining this short set of nails, but I am not sure yet. I love it long, I love it short, too.

Pink-Purple Sky

Seeing the sky turn bright red-orange during sundown is a wow moment, but personally, I love it when the sky turn pink-purple, because pink and purple are just two of my favorite colors.


It's Monday again tomorrow... this weekend, it's been raining in the afternoon making the temperature a little cooler; something I appreciated. I just hope the temperature will be a little kinder the entire week, so I could exercise with ease.

Plans for the coming week? Eat more vegetables (definitely), and cut back on soda. I also plan to sleep early this week (maybe at midnight) so I can wake up earlier, giving me more time to exercise early in the morning before the temp goes up. It really is difficult to exercise during the afternoon, so I am thinking of doing most of the task in the morning and use my afternoon to read books, as I don't want to use my laptop in the afternoon because of the heat.

May we all have a great week ahead!

Ni Hao Yall Unknown Mami


  1. That sunset is gorgeous! Love your nail colors too!

  2. I love walking! I hVe always wanted a crosswalk picture like that!

  3. Well done on the walking shot - not as straight-forward as it sounds. Your "short" nails are what I qualify as my "long" nails.

    Good job with this week's words.

  4. A fun set of photos this week. The sunset shot, with the leaves silhouetted against the mauve sky, is beautiful.

  5. Great pics, the sunset photo is beautiful.

  6. Interesting set. I liked the walking shot with your sister. That food looks good too and the sunset is beautiful.

  7. Love the nails! And I'm with Nicki on the "short" length :)
    I'm going to have to Google Pancit Canton now!

    Stopping by from UnknownMami

  8. The walking photo is my fave. I love the bold stripes of the crosswalk.

  9. The picture of your sister is fabulous. I'm a fan short nails.


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