Monday, April 15, 2013

Curly Hair - Yay or Nay?

Happy Monday, everyone!

My spirits are up today, but come lunch time I realized the reason for my sudden mood swings last week. Aunt Flo visited me today, oh geez! I wasn't expecting my period to come until the 20th of the month, and it came early. Well, I wasn't super upset about it - I still am very thankful that I haven't missed a period since I was diagnosed with PCOS (in 2004) and took medication for it, but since December last year, my period has been so unpredictable - having it twice a month, or having it just two weeks after the last one finished.

That being said, I wasn't able to exercise today, simply because I was super dizzy. I do get dizzy whenever my period is up, and as much as I want to do my scheduled exercises, I just can't, because I might pass out in the middle of it. Well, my schedule is divided into three anyway - M/Th > arms and shoulders, T/F > lower body, W/S > LesMills dance workout. Since the dizziness only last three days, I will just relax until Wednesday and pick up where I left off on Thursday. I will just have to watch out for my food intake from today until Wednesday, because I admit, not exercising does make me eat more. Well, happy to say that today I was able to eat just the right amount of food.

Curly Hair Curly Hair Curly Hair

It's summertime, and although it would rain unexpectedly, everyday is always hot that I have to always keep my hair up to prevent me from sweating too much. I don't use ponytails because taking it out not only hurts my scalp, it also pulls out some strands of hair. I still am in the process of helping my hair get full again (I did have a bad case of hairfall when I started eating less), so I use hair clamps - gathering and twirling my hair before securing it. I must have kept my hair clamped for a long time yesterday that when I took the clamp off, it already made my hair curly.

I only had curly hair once in my life - during 3rd grade. I was hoping to get my hair permed to help it look full and not so limpy, but my sister was totally against it as she said it would make me look fatter than I already am. I still am thinking whether I'd have it permed or not, so I won't cut my hair for now, until I make a decision.

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