Friday, April 26, 2013

Bobbie Nail Polish | Star Gazer

I love glitter nail polishes! I am actually jealous of the nail bloggers who can use a wide array indie glitter nail polishes because there aren't much available here in the Philippines. Thankfully, Bobbie do offer a few glitter nail polishes, apart from the typical gold and silver ones.

Bobbie Nail Polish - Star Gazer
Bobbie Nail Polish - Star Gazer Bobbie Nail Polish - Star Gazer

Star Gazer was the very first glitter nail polish I bought that can be worn as is, although for this mani, I layered it on top of Sweet Cherry nail polish in "Snow White." Star Gazer has a peach base, so my nails looked orange-y than white. The glitter is mostly silver hex ones, although there are some little glitters, too, making it look like stars in the sky.

I personally didn't like to put it as is. Despite the peach base, I loved layering this on top of a base nail polish, regardless of the color. I loved that there is a generous amount of glitter and that I didn't have to fish out the glitters from the bottle. Application is just fine, although there is a tendency for the hex glitters to come together while applying, resulting to a big clump. One coat is enough for this (if you're layering it on top of a base nail polish), but using as is, you might want to go for two coats.

I don't know if it's noticeable, but I actually attempted a little glitter sandwich mani here - After layering one coat of Star Gazer, I let it dry first then topped it with a thin coat of Snow White, then layered it again with Star Gazer. I realized, the glitter has to be dark for me to pull off such attempt, but I am quite pleased with the result, although I had to take a close look on my nails to see the effect.


  1. Ooohhh. Love this. I'll definitely try a glitter sandwich too.

  2. This looks very pretty! Like a fairy princess! ;)


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