Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Blue Nails for Autism


I (once again) woke up late because I consumed an ample time reading the book. I am thankful my cat Moe-Moe Furballs woke me up by licking my nose... it's been a while since he last did that, and for a while I wondered maybe my cat is now an adult that he didn't want to be babied anymore. Since my sister slept next to me a few weeks ago, which totally made the cat sleep elsewhere, he hasn't made an attempt to sleep next to me, until last night. Although he wouldn't stay that long, he would come back in my room, leap into my bed and lie next to me.

Today is World Awareness Day for Autism. Fashion and nail bloggers took the chance to dress / paint their nails blue. I don't have that much blue nail polish in my stash, but I had this cracked nail polish which I decided to use. Like what I said on the other blog, I don't know anyone in my family who has autism, but I do know certain people who has a sibling or a child with autism, so I partly understood what they're going through. I know painting my nails blue won't do as much, but because of this, I have checked several sites about autism, so the purpose of "awareness" served well for me.

By the way, if you donned a blue nail polish today, you might want to share it on this Facebook Group.

Thank you to my brother for taking this picture.. it was quite embarrassing to ask him to photograph my nails, but he's the only one I can turn to. I am glad he didn't complain.

My mom was so sweet to leave some veggie dish for my lunch. She knows the Alukon (the one that looks like worms) is my favorite vegetable during summer and I can really eat it everyday. Anyway, it wasn't much, but enough for me to get through lunch. I had this with 1/2 cup of rice... but I didn't eat the sweet potatoes because of the carbs - rice was enough, I guess.

For dinner, brother cooked Dinuguan (Pork Blood Stew) with some sayote... as soon as I saw it on the table, I put the diet scale and measuring cups aside because I was tempted and was quite determined to eat a lot for dinner, but for some reason, I decided not to. I just took a little rice (didn't measure it), took about two heaping tablespoons of the Dinuguan, a piece of Fish (sinigang) and that was my dinner. Add to that a cup of coffee and one bottle of Yakult, that was pretty much what I ate today (I didn't eat breakfast). Water intake is about 19 as of this writing.

Workouts for today, I pretty much rocked the Hip Hop Abs - Cardio, but I totally suck at the 8 Minute Legs. Yes, it may just be 8 minutes, but anything that has to do with leg workouts, I find difficult to do. I also did the Hip Hop Abs - Hips, Buns, and Thighs, but because my legs were quite jelly from the 8 Minute Legs, I wasn't able to pull it through. Actually, ever since I attempted this, I never really got to finish it because my legs were just too darn heavy to carry, and I am too heavy for my legs to carry.

Right now I am feeling some pain - triceps, legs, knees. Tomorrow, I lined up some dance workouts (LesMills) to allow my body to relax, but still move in some ways.

I will try to sleep early tonight so I can wake up early and walk.

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