Monday, April 22, 2013

Sweet Cherry Nail Polish | Regie Rose

I just finished swatching a nail polish collection, and because I don't have any other collection in my stash, I can now randomly swatch the rest of the nail polish I have in the tray.

Prior to this purchase, I only get to see this brand in different salons and one time I accompanied my sister for her pedicure, one of the staff at the salon used this particular brand for a nail art (with thin brush). I thought that this brand didn't have the typical nail polish brush, so I didn't really gave it a chance.

When I got home from La Union last November (2012), my brother asked me if I want to go to this marketplace just so I could walk around. I saw a little stall selling nail care stuff including this brand of nail polish. At that time, I don't have that much nail polish in my stash, so I decided to check it out. I asked if I could open one bottle to check the brush and the consistency of the lacquer, I found out it had a typical thick nail polish brush, so I bought one. Just one, because I still haven't tried the brand. Among the shades available, I decided to go for Regie Rose.

Sweet Cherry Nail Polish | Regie Rose
Sweet Cherry Nail Polish | Regie Rose Sweet Cherry Nail Polish | Regie Rose

Regie Rose is a frosted nail polish with dark pink / red hues. It has a thick consistency, but very easy to apply. It can almost pass as a one-coater, but it does have uneven parts, so I went in for two coats. My camera couldn't pick it up, but it does have some powder-like glitter, making it look better than the typical creme-type nail polish. The bottle is very different from the ones in my stash, and not only was the cover long, the brush handle inside was long, too! At first I didn't know if the length would make nail polish application difficult, but somehow I found it easier to use especially using my non-dominant hand.

November to April was a long wait for this nail polish to be used (and I am not sure how long it was sitting in the store before I bought it), but I was happy that it was still good. I have read in several blog posts that this brand tends to harden in the bottle quite easily, so I am thankful that it still is in tiptop shape.

The only thing I could recommend is to let the nail polish dry before applying a top coat. Based on my experience, not only did the brush of the top coat pick up some of the red nail polish, the base coat created little bubbles, too, maybe because the base (red) nail polish has thick consistency to begin with, and I used two coats. Other than that, I'd say I love this one so much! It is frosted, but not really pearly-looking.

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