Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bobbie Nail Polish | Purple Passion

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Awww... this is the last of the collection, how sad. :( Anyway, I want to end this collection by featuring a purple shade... because purple is my favorite color. :)

Bobbie Nail Polish | Purple Passion Bobbie Nail Polish | Purple Passion
Bobbie Nail Polish | Purple Passion

With names taken from different cocktails, at first I thought having the name "Purple Passion" was an odd-man out, until I realized there really is a cocktail called Purple Passion. I do love this nail polish, but I hate it as well.

I loved that it has a great formula. It spreads very easy and very evenly on the nails. I loved that it dried fast - even if I used medium coats, and I loved that it provides its signature mild-holo look even in the shade.

The one thing that I hated the most, though, was that it was super sheer! Would you believe I used five medium coats of Purple Passion on my nails to achieve the opacity I wanted? Yep, five freakin' coats... which I didn't layer in one sitting - I applied two coats and allowed it to dry completely, then another coat... and the last two coats I applied the day after. Still, even with five coats, I could still see a little bit of a nail line.

Bobbie Nail Polish | Purple Passion Bobbie Nail Polish | Purple Passion
Under the Sun | With Flash

No need to add a top coat for this nail polish, because just like the other nail polishes in the collection, it was super glossy and it has this plastic-like finish, but I won't consider it a jelly.

Even if I needed more than three coats to achieve the look I wanted, I would say I loved this one very much. Yes, it's because I love purple... but also because of its holo-ness and how it applied like butter and that it didn't really bubble despite layering that much nail polish.


Overall, I loved this collection. Bobbie Premium Nail Creme truly wows me with their collection... they seem to come up with awesome range of nail polishes to satisfy the thrifty nail polish lover like me. Sure, their holoprism collection doesn't produce crazy holo madness like Color Club nail polish, but for a locally made nail polish, it was indeed awesome.

Top three picks are: Weng-Weng, Purple Passion, and Mint Daquiri.

I didn't like how sheer the formulas are, though, and I also didn't like that the collection didn't provide a wide range of colors. There were seven shades in the collection, yet there were two shades of purple, and even if Margarita is technically a pink one, it looks a little brown, too, giving two shades in the collection that looks brown. I hope Bobbie would come up with another holoprism collection, this time featuring other colors - red, orange, and blue.


  1. Love this color! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving that sweet comment! I love glitter as well! =) I love your background on your blog! It reminds me of my high school notebooks! I hope to see more from you!

    Sending you sunshine,


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