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Caronia Nail Polish | Expressions Collection

Caronia Nail Polish - Expressions Collection

For today, allow me to squeeze in this post (in between nail polish swatches) to give you the newest Caronia Nail Polish collection - Expressions. This was the first time I will swatch a nail polish collection at the same time it was released (I hoped to do it with their "Miss Mystic" collection, but I always can't find all three shades at the same time at any given store).

This is quite a lengthy post, so let's start with the swatches. As you can see, there are also three shades for this collection -

Caronia Nail Polish - Blue Chill
Caronia Nail Polish - Blue Chill Caronia Nail Polish - Blue Chill

Blue Chill
A frosted pale blue shade, that reminded me of the Caronia "Bliss." It was a little streaky, especially on the first two coats, but applying the third coat minimized the streaks, though it was still visible. I am not a big fan of the frosty nail polishes as I don't really like the pearly look, but I think this one was okay. Formula's okay, so is the pigmentation.

Caronia Nail Polish - Rosy Glow Caronia Nail Polish - Rosy Glow
Caronia Nail Polish - Rosy Glow

Rosy Glow
My favorite shade among the three because it looks pink, yet it looks purplish as well.. and because pink and purple (along with red) are my favorite colors, having these on my nails was like having the best of both worlds. Color's a little milky, and the formula was a little on the thick side. Thankfully, the brush of this one worked with me so I didn't have much problem with the application, but I would say be a little light on applying this one because it has a tendency to drag the nail polish if you applied it with heavy hand.

Because of its thick formula, I only used two coats for this one, and it has a semi-matte finish (not too glossy), so I added a top coat on my nails.

Caronia Nail Polish - Fresh Mint
Caronia Nail Polish - Fresh Mint Caronia Nail Polish - Fresh Mint

Fresh Mint
A light green nail polish, that looked like Caronia Kiwi, but this one's lighter than Kiwi. Like Rosy Glow, this one has a thick consistency, but application was much easier compared to Rosy Glow. I went with two medium coats, and again, I suggest to go light with the brush strokes, and if you can, go with three pass - one on the side, then the middle, then the other side. No need to glide the brush over and over, because even if doing the three passes looked a little bumpy, it dried flat. It also has a semi-matte finish, so I added a top coat.

Given my slightly dark skin tone, it appears as if these shades didn't complement my skin tone, but I truly didn't mind it, because I personally loved the final look of these nail polishes on my nails. As I've said, the Rosy Glow was my favorite, but Fresh Mint gave me the chance to believe that I can carry green nail polish shades.

The collection is called "Expressions," because Caronia wants us to express ourselves with summer colored nails in our own special ways. As Caronia brand manager Olive Bolico said it, "It's not always about what's good for your skin tone, or if it matches your outfit for the day. Sometimes, it's also fun to step out of the comfort zone." Sporting the single colored nail polish looks great, but these three shades can be mixed and matched to suit our mood for the day.

Matte Top Coat; Water Marble

Matte and Marbled.
Personally, I don't go for the matte nail polishes... but I do have a matte top coat on my stash for those very few moments. Water marbling nail art eats a lot of nail polishes, and the frosted nail polishes seem to dry quicker on water, so I just went for the accent nail, which was a little in at the moment.

Acid Wash Nail Art

Acid Washed.
I wanted to have a nail art that would show all three shades, and this one came to mind. I know I didn't do a good job at it (the one on my index finger was swabbed real hard revealing the surface of my nail), but this was the very first time I did this, so allow me to have a few mistakes. :) I did this by layering one shade after another, and when it's fully dry, I dipped a Q-tip on some nail polish remover and scrubbed it on the surface of my nail.

Caronia Nail Polish is available widely nationwide, average price is about 33 pesos. Caronia takes pride as the local nail polish brand with a very extensive range of shades to suit one's preference, if you want to know more about the different shades, or their other nail care products, please check their website, follow them on Twitter, or their Facebook page. They throw in contests every now and then, so if you want to stand a chance on winning their prizes, just check their pages every now and then.

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