Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Negative Four

One confession to make: I weigh myself every morning as soon as I get up. I know people suggest not to do this, but I like doing it because it allows me to be in control somehow. If it shows weight gain, it will motivate me to move more and/or eat less, if it shows weight loss... well, that will boost the morale. :)

This morning when I stepped on the scale it says 210. Whoa, really? Just two days ago it says 216. I don't know if the scale is truly pulling an April Fools prank, but when I weighed myself tonight right after eating dinner (as in right after dinner when the tummy is still full), it says 212, so I guess that meant I lost a clear 4lbs., let's see if the scale will still say 210 tomorrow. For sure it's water weight - me shedding lotsa sweat working out. Of course I am thankful.

Today, I went a little soft on the exercises, just to allow my body to heal, so I chose to do the two LesMills dance workout, both DVDs I got for free when I purchased a box of Nestle Fitnesse low fat whole wheat cereals. I did Body Jam "House" in the morning, and Body Jam "Latin" in the afternoon. Both DVDs are 20 minutes long, and features three songs. I love them both as the steps were easy and fun to do, although I felt a little sadness and frustration while doing the workouts. 

When I was younger, I know I can dance. I even took four dance classes for PE in college (one per semester - Aerobics Dance, Social Dance, Jazz, and Folk Dance) and I did well. However, after finishing those four semesters, dance wasn't something I do anymore, and doing the LesMills workouts reminded me that I now have two left feet. Watching how the instructors move, steps were clearly easy, but I just can't get the hang of it.

Needless to say, I suck at both workouts, but I did try my hardest and I shed more sweat doing this than with Hip Hop Abs - Cardio (maybe because my body is already quite used to the Hip Hop Abs). This Saturday, I will get all the steps right.

Oh... look who just intruded my workout. Him again! :)  I nearly stepped on him, I nearly tripped... but we're both fine. I carried him and placed him in the couch, but he would always get back. Ugh. :) He is just adorable.

...although I had to rewind the DVD.

Food... sister took home some Pancit Palabok and I had 1/4 cup of it for breakfast, and I had an early lunch at 10am. I initially took two small cuts of fish (sarciado) and it weighed 80grams... but because the fried rice with luncheon meat was a little loose, it didn't look that much. In the end, I only got to eat one of the slices. Moe-Moe Furballs (the cat) ate the other slice.

I ate a PB&J (the Orange Marmalade by the Good Shepherd Convent in Baguio taste sooo good) sandwich at 3:30pm because I truly felt hungry, and for dinner brother cooked fish and squid curry. It was delicious, but a little salty. Those two small slices of carrots were the only vegetable I had today, I will go out and shop for veggies tomorrow. Water intake is 17... +1 before I go to bed. As usual, I had a cup of coffee and a bottle of Yakult.

Tomorrow, I am back to the dumbbells.

Negative Four.
I hope I can lose more...
...if not, I hope I can maintain.

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  1. Keep it up! Thanks for linking up with the contest!

  2. Sounds like you are doing great!


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