Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Tuesday

Monday was such a boring day for me, for reasons I couldn't comprehend. I was able to do my scheduled workouts, but because we had no Internet connection from afternoon 'til about 10pm, I decided to just burn files into DVDs, clearing out nearly 30gb of space in my netbook. Brother told me not to do anything on the computer while it was burning files, so we continued watching season 5 of Gilmore Girls.

Tuesday was a public holiday, so all of us were home. I wasn't able to workout, although I was super busy cleaning the house with my mother. While tending the garden, I heard a very beautiful bird tune and was happy to be able to spot it and photograph it. This small yellow bird flies around every now and then, but because it doesn't really stay in one place for more than 5 minutes, seeing it, photographing it always give me unexplained joy.

We were tired cleaning the entire house, but for dinner, us girls went to the mall as my mom would host a little gathering at home tomorrow. While at the supermarket, she and sister started discussing where to eat, and decided they wanted to eat Halo-Halo at Razon's. I don't have anything against Razon's, they do serve delicious dishes, but I was hoping to eat vegetables, something they don't have. My sister frowned when I mentioned I'd just let them eat what they want and I can just cook something at home and she suggested we go eat elsewhere, but when I asked, both of them really do want to eat Halo-Halo at Razon's, so I just had to adjust - I didn't want to hinder them of food they wanted to eat. I decided to eat Arroz Caldo (they went for Pancit Luglug for their main dinner, Halo-Halo their dessert), which was good, by it was way too salty. I squeezed in two calamansi on my bowl of congee but it was still salty.

Eating out, making good choices was still difficult for me to do. I tend to get lost at what I should order... weighing what I need and what I want can be a little overwhelming, but next time I'd be firmer. For desserts, I scooped two spoons of mom's Halo-Halo and took a little bite off my sister's Silvanas (she does eat a lot whenever we eat out).

I miss eating salads, so I made sure I buy some lettuce - Romaine and Icerberg (made sure I get the dark green ones... the pale green ones I really don't like) as the curly ones look awful, and I also put in cucumbers, carrots, broccoli, and zucchini in the cart. I am thinking of cooking steamed fish and broccoli and maybe cook Bibimbap for the family, though I might have to go back to buy some shiitake mushrooms for that, because I bought the oyster mushrooms instead. We stocked up on fruits - but it's just the apple and orange that I will eat, the pear... never. :) The yogurt I will use as a dressing for the Fish Taco I plan to serve for dinner next time, and because I love coffee in the morning (sister tempting me to buy the Twinning's Earl Grey tea or the English Breakfast tea - with a funny, almost teasing look didn't work *snigger, snigger*), sister suggested I go for the sugarfree kind instead. It uses sucralose as a sweetener, which is the same kind as Splenda. I am very thankful for the gesture... it was touching to know my sister cares. :)

The low feeling continued this day, but watching "Gilmore Girls" with my siblings until midnight felt great.

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