Friday, April 12, 2013

05 - 11 April 2013

This week is not so much a good week for me as far as fitness is concerned - there were days that I wasn't able to do my scheduled workouts, but food is still something I control. Clothes start to feel much better to wear, although of course, I still have a lot to lose.

Happies this week:

Caronia Nail Care

A gift pack from Caronia.
The blog I share with my sister is still in its baby stages, and it's not the type of blog that attracts a whole lot of visitors, but when I started sharing swatches of the nail polishes I own, visit count also have started to to grow, though not much. I don't have the money to buy international brands, so I am thankful that local brands do produce gorgeous nail polishes, satisfying my budding addiction. Since the blog is still in its baby stages, it never occurred to me to receive a package from a nail polish manufacturer to sample their newest collection. I was surprised to receive such message, and last weekend, I received the package. Super duper thankful to this gift.

Ampalaya Plant

Ampalaya plant growing just fine.
At first, I doubted the plants were ampalaya (for we never really planted one - we just saw some seedlings in the garden - neighbor must have thrown mature seeds in our garden), but mom and I still planted them and placed a twig to guide the growing vine. I am so pleased to see it grow from day to day... making me anticipate the day this one bear fruits.

Double Cross by James Patterson

A new book to read.
From time to time, I am still tempted to read the eBooks on my phablet (I must admit I read a few pages of "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" by Stephen Chbosky), but I told myself I must finish reading the books I borrowed from Uncle Pete, so I can return it in exchange for more books! :) I borrowed four James Patterson books, all featuring Alex Cross, and even if the books weren't in chronological order, I still wanted to read them chronologically. Last week I finished reading "London Bridges," the 10th Alex Cross book, and this week I started reading "Double Cross," the 13th Alex Cross book.

Sweet Corn Puto

Cooking some food for the guests.
Last Wednesday, mom hosted a little gathering here in the house and I decided to cook some sweet corn puto (using hotcake mix and corn kernels). I was in the kitchen all afternoon cooking these babies (for I only have 12 silicon muffin cups to hold the paper muffin cups), but it was all worth it, because mom said the guests loved it! I actually wasn't able to eat some of these, because the 8 remaining ones my sister brought to work.

Hanson Anthem :)

Pre-ordering the Hanson "Anthem" CD + DVD package.
There's no way to be sure if the Hanson's new studio album will be released here in the Philippines, so when news came out about the different packages for the new album, us Filipino fansons wanted to buy one. I am not a member of the official fan club, but some of my friends are... and when one suggested for us to buy Hanson merchandise as a group, I was itching to go for it. Well, normally, a CD here in the Philippines is about 450 to 500 pesos (10 to 12 usd), so it was a difficult for me to decide if I will go and buy this one, considering it is priced at 25usd, but because it's a CD + DVD package, I dived for it. My friend already placed the order... I will send my payment this weekend, and then wait for June for it to be delivered.

Happy birthday to me. :)

Crappies this week:

The Great Brazilian Madness

☂ This banner.
I love footwear... but I always wait for the sale to come because I really don't have that much money to burn. However, looks like I am going to miss this, because this just came at the wrong time - with me going to pay the Anthem CD+DVD package... and the router my sister and I plan to buy... I don't know if I still have enough to go to this sale. Although, there's still a little hope in me... and I have my eyes set on that Grendha closed shoes, which I plan to buy for my Aunt Julie, and another one for myself. 

☂ Not being able to follow my fitness schedule this week... but I only missed two days. 

☂ I still can't register for Kindle. I downloaded Kindle on my phablet because I found a website that has a lot of .mobi eBooks, which Aldiko can't read. Our neighbor's WiFi signal is way too weak, I can't register and download books yet.

☂ My cuticles are too dry this week. Swatching four nail polishes... drowning my cuticles in nail polish remover, my cuticles took a big blow this week.

☂ Just feeling low. I don't know why... I just do.

Yeah, I know... life goes round and round and round. I know next week will be a happy one for me.

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  1. Every week has ups and downs -- I like how you put yours into perspective Jenn. xo

  2. My week was unusually peculiar, too - SO - we will BOTH be happier soon.
    I really like the growing vine -
    Your Baking sure looks GREAT!!!
    Happy 5!

  3. Hasn't been the best of weeks for me either - but I just keep carrying on!
    Happy Friday!

  4. That's really neat you were sent a package from Caronia!
    Hopefully this next week goes a little bit better for you.
    Stopping by from the Happies & Crappies link up ♥

  5. I love watching plants grow.

    I've read some of Patterson's books--they're good!

    I hope next week is a better one for you!


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