Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Great Brazilian Madness Sale

February of 2012, my sister and I were at the right place at the right time and we were able to check the Great Brazilian Madness Sale at the activity center of Glorietta 3 (Makati). Since then, she and I would always check for updates when the next sale would be.

We have missed numerous sales after that, so last week, when I heard of another sale, I quickly shared the good news to my sister.

the Great Brazilian Madness Sale Sister

We decided to check the sale on the first day, just so there will be fresh pairs to choose from. My sister has to work at 3pm, giving us enough time to scan the racks and make our choices.

The Great Brazilian Madness Sale

As always, they segregated the racks according to gender and sizes. The ones for males were at the top part (near the entrance), the ones for females were near the cashier booth, and those for kids are located at the side.

I was a little disappointed that there weren't enough styles to choose from the size 8 and 9 rack. I was hoping to buy a pair of Grendha flats, but there was only one design and size. I was also a little surprised that the footwear was very expensive compared to the sale we checked last year. I had a very limited budget, so I sure had a difficult time choosing which pair/s to buy.

Thankfully, they had the  Buy One, Take One rack. There were a lot of designs to choose from, but in order to get the buy one take one deal, one must choose the same brand. Meaning, one can go for different designs and sizes, but the brand has to be the same. Base price for the buy one, take one pairs were 700 and 800 pesos, and at first I wanted to go for the Grendha Jelly pairs, but sadly, I couldn't find a size 8 pair.

Choices, Choices

These were the initial four pairs I chose. The purple and orange pairs were part of the buy one, take one deal (bearing the Ipanema * Gisele Bundchen brand) at 700 pesos, the pure white pair was priced at 398 pesos, and the gray pair underneath was priced at 250 pesos. Contemplating about it, buy all these pairs would cost me 1348 pesos, and checking my wallet, if I go for this, I will be left with just enough money to pay for my bus fare going home.

I still haven't eaten anything for that day - I woke up late and I wasn't able to eat before leaving the house, so it would be absurd if I'd sacrifice both breakfast and lunch just so I could buy some footwear. I first let go of the gray pair (giving me 250 extra money), but in the end, I decided to let go of the white pair as well and just hope that the next sale, the design would be part of it.

My Choice

In the end, I went for the buy one, take one deal. I changed the orange pair with the gold pair, just to have a little variety as I am not really into footwear with straps hugging my ankles. The purple pair was so comfortable to wear (I love jelly shoes), and I will sure use it for my holiday with K sometime this year.

Sister's Choice

My sister bought three pairs, but one of the pairs was for mom, which she wore right away so I wasn't able to photograph it. The orange pair was my first choice, but sister liked it, too, and since she also went for the size 8 pair, I made a decision to change my pair, simply because I can just borrow this pair from my sister if I want to. :) The one she bought for mom was the same design as the gold pair I bought, although the one for mom was purple (because it is her favorite color). The other pair sister bought - the purple Grendha sandals was priced 500 pesos. It's also a size 8... so I can also borrow it from her. Hahaha.

The Great Brazilian Madness is happening until Friday, 26 April 2013 at the activity center of Glorietta 3 - Makati City.

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