Friday, April 19, 2013

12 - 18 April 2013

I love summer, but this year has got to be the hottest one yet! It made me uncomfortable to the point that I have had a few heart palpitations during lunch time, and the heat made me irritated quite easily.

Still, there are things that made me happy and thankful.

This Week's Nail Polishes

1) Dry cuticles no more! I have to thank the cuticle oil I have in the tray, and I am glad it did its wonder to restore my bad looking cuticles. This week, I got to paint my nails twice... and I will change my nail polish later this afternoon.


2) Giving "Twilight" a chance. I do have friends who raved about this... my mom even watched "Breaking Dawn" at the cinema (even if she had no clue about the whole story) and said it was nice... but I truly can't relate to any of it, because I don't know the story at all! Now that I can read eBooks using my phablet, I decided to give "Twilight" a chance. I finished reading the book last night, and although I won't rave about it like some of my friends did, I think it was okay. I will start reading "New Moon" before I call it a night.

Thank You, Moonleaf.

3) Gifts from Moonleaf Tea Shop. I haven't tried Moonleaf Tea Shop drinks and pastries, so this one came as a very sweet surprise. My sister and I will visit the shop next week - she's more into Milk Tea and other tea drinks than I am, I definitely need her input as we sip our drinks. By the way, to clarify something - those were not syringes... but ballpoint pens.

4) Movie marathon. I started missing watching movies since I once set myself to watch at least one movie a day. Well, it was quite a difficult task, but calling it off doesn't mean I don't have to watch movies anymore. I do love psychology-related movies, and these three movies - watched in one day - just satisfied my movie fix.

Bizu Patisserie MacaronMacaron de Paris

5) Macaron de Paris!!! I love, love, love French Macarons, and Bizu Patisserie sent some Macaron de Paris for me in time for the annual Macaron Day tomorrow - 20 April 2013. Well, I'd share this pack to my family, of course... as much as I wanted to hog all the macarons for myself (it just taste sooooooo good), I gotta watch the calories and sugar intake. A taste (meaning a bite) of each is okay with me.

Five downers for this week?
1) My bed fell apart, I still don't have enough money to buy a new bed - so I have to sleep on the living room floor again.

2) I was a little upset at my mom's colleague... one time this week, mom brought home a big pack of ham - which looks like beef jerky, but pork. At first she told someone came over from Singapore, so I assumed it was given to her as a present, then the other night, when I cut some bits of this ham on my salad for dinner, I asked the story (again) behind the ham and I found out that one of her colleagues asked someone who traveled to Singapore to buy her the ham, and when the ham was delivered and the colleague had to pay (converting Singaporean Dollars to Philippine Pesos), the colleague was overwhelmed at how expensive it was and begged mom to buy it instead. The way mom told the story to me, there were hints of regrets in her voice (she refuses to tell me how much it was because the ham is not exceptionally delicious - just plain tasting sweet ham), which got me upset. Upset because my mom was put on the spot making a decision right there and then, and afraid to turn down the colleague, she paid for it instead. If only I can raise my eyebrow...

3) I wasn't able to exercise this week, at all! I actually feel better now - no more dizziness... but because I had the sleeping mat on the living room floor, my sister decided to sleep on the mat because it was freaking hot inside her room. Simply put, I couldn't exercise because I didn't have the space, and I didn't want to disturb sister's sleep (she's on the night shift this week - not only was it difficult to sleep in broad daylight, it was also difficult to sleep with this high heat). The good news about this is that I was able to maintain my weight.

4) Complications of summer - headache, tummy ache, heart palpitations. Nothing serious, though. I am still fine. :)

5) Hearing the Korean song "Gwiyomi" (or is it "Kwiyomi"?) over and over. Well, it is a catchy tune... cute, too, but hearing it over and over?!? Ermahgerd!!!

Happy weekends, people!

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  1. Now I want a macaroon for breakfast! :)

  2. I hope you start feeling better Jenn -- the heat must have alot to do with it. Your hands and nails are so beautiful! I'm jealous!

  3. New Moon is my least favorite of the series, so even if you don't like it I would still finish the series. Then you have the whole thing to base your own opinions off when people go on love or hate twilight rants. Personally I think that the book series has a lot of flaws, but is worth reading and had a unique story when it was written.


  4. Oh if I had nails like!! I do enjoy a good movie marathon every once in awhile.

  5. I want you nails! I have never ever had a macaroon and I am sorry to hear about your bed :(

  6. Your nails are so pretty! I should take better care of mine, but I like my nails really short. Polish usually doesn't look too good on them.

    Hope the heat lets up soon and you feel better soon!

  7. My littlest girl LOVES nail polish. She just clapped her hands when she saw your photo and ran off to get her own purple polish :) We're neighbors at Rachel's today. So glad to meet you. Hope you start feeling better soon.

  8. I wish my nails looked that good! Hope you are feeling better soon!


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