Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The (Nearly) One Thousand Pesos Worth of Happiness

I just got home from Makati and very excited to share this one. Last Friday, I learned about the The Brazilian Madness Sale - something I was looking forward to, because the last three times Ipanema, Grendha, and Rider footwear had a sale, I wasn't able to check it out. This time, I knew I'd regret it if I don't go, so even if I only have 1000 pesos (roughly 25usd) to spend, I decided to go.

Ipanema * Gisele Bundchen
{Buy One, Take One = 700 pesos}

There were a lot of footwear, but I was a little disappointed that there weren't much to choose from my size (I am between size 8 / 9 US). The footwear weren't that cheap compared the to first sale I went to (where I was able to buy a pair of jelly shoes for only 250 pesos), but I was thankful for that they had the Buy 1 Take 1 rack. Shoppers can buy different sizes and designs, provided we must choose for the same brand. The first one that caught my eye was the purple Ipanema * Gisele Bundchen jelly sandals, so I can only find another one of the same brand. At first I went for another strap sandals, but in the end, I went for this gold pair. There were other pairs that I wanted to buy, but my budget wasn't enough. There was one pair of pure white flip flops that I really wanted to buy, but it was priced 400 pesos. My sister was willing to pay for the excess, but I decided to control myself, after all, I already got 2 pairs. That's enough for me. I will just use my money for the next sale.

Hardbound Books
{Buy One, Take One = 99 pesos}

Exiting the Glorietta Activity Center, I saw a kiosk that sells second hand books. I wasn't planning to buy anything because I still have a lot of books to read, but when I saw the Buy 1 Take 1 @99 rack, I knew I had to buy! My sister is not into books (she hasn't read anything except the ones she used in school), so I felt she was a little bored as I scanned through the rack. That being said, I had to make a quick choice which two books to buy and got these two.

An excerpt about the books taken from Goodreads:
"The Disapparation of James"
The Woodrow family is going to the circus to celebrate Greta's seventh birthday. When five-year-old brother James eagerly volunteers to join the magic act, his parents watch with pride as he climbs onto the stage alongside the clown. The trick is spectacular and applause rings through the crowd as James disappears -- vanishing before their very eyes. The trouble is, James really did disappear . . . into thin air.

"Deadly Slipper"
Nearly twenty years have passed since Mara Dunn’s sister Bedie, an orchid enthusiast, disappeared while on a hiking holiday in southwestern France. Mara remains determined to find out what happened—but her only real clue is a sequence of wild orchids, including a mysterious, previously unknown Lady’s Slipper, captured on a roll of film found in Bedie’s long-lost camera. With the help of Julian Wood, a reclusive English botanist, Mara begins her search . . . stumbling into decades’ worth of local secrets and putting herself in danger.

Both books evoke mystery, something I like in the books I am reading. 

OMG Nail Polish {4 x 18.75 = 75 pesos}
Bobbie Premium Nail Creme {4 x 29.75 = 119 pesos}

Sister and I ate lunch together - the only meal I ate for the day - and because she has to go to work in time for her 3pm shift, we decided to part ways. However, on our way out of Landmark, we passed by the Beauty Section of the mall, and because I still haven't bought any bottles of nail polish lately, and I knew Landmark sells nail polish cheaper than some malls and pharmacy, I asked sister if I could make a quick check before we part ways.

I was so surprised that they re-stocked on the OMG Crystal Sand nail polish! I now own the Emerald and the Hematite shades, completing my collection of the Crystal Sand nail polish. I also bought Disco Ball, a glitter nail polish (a mix of green and pink hex glitters in clear base), while my sister "begged" me to buy the Gold Digger, because she really wanted to use gold nail polish. I don't personally go for yellow gold nail polish (it makes my hand look awful), but what the heck. :)

Last October, I had a little Bobbie Nail Polish haul, and I was given one bottle free. I chose the Purple Dazzle, a purple based nail polish with gold glitter. When I blogged about one Bobbie Nail Polish (Kohl), I checked the Bobbie website and learned about their Glitter Collection. Since I already had one, I figured I'd go and collect all 7 shades and was able to buy 4 - Cherry Blossom, Jade, Aqua, and Black Shadow. I only have to search for Blue Flash and Sparklers to complete the collection.

Total worth of stuff I bought today was 993 pesos, and I was able to buy things that I really, really liked. Not bad for a day of shopping, although I am not sure when I can do this again. :)

When I got home, my brother was just about to leave; he's meeting up with mom and asked me if I wanted to join them for dinner, but because I wasn't able to exercise today, I decided to walk around the mall before taking the bus home, so I was already tired. I will just cook some fish for my dinner and watch "Eclipse."

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