Monday, April 15, 2013

Bobbie Nail Polish | Weng - Weng

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Bobbie's Holoprism Collection have names based on different cocktails. What I am about to share today is called "Weng-Weng," a Filipino-made cocktail with a mix of gin, vodka, tequila, rum, brandy, scotch, bourbon, grenadine, orange juice, and pineapple juice. It's one heck of a cocktail, which my sister likes. I am not into it, though.

IMG_0221 IMG_0223

Weng-Weng the nail polish looks so different from the cocktail, color-wise. At first glance this looks gray, but close inspection, it has a whole lot of different colors. It looks dark green, it looks dark-blue, it looks gray mixed with blue and green. I guess by this description, I understood why this was called Weng-Weng.

This has been one of my favorite ever since I saw it swatched by my friend Joanna on her blog. When I bought a bottle, I didn't know there was a collection featuring this one. I used up all the contents of the old bottle and for this blog, I went to buy a new bottle. :)

Two medium coats of this provides good opacity. Application was good, too, and what I loved about it is that even in the shade, it has this crazy glitter-like look without the texture-y feel because it dries flat and very glossy, no need to add a topcoat.

IMG_0226 IMG_0230

The holo-effect is not so visible in my pictures, but it does have a mild-holo look. Another thing I loved about its holo-ness was that the shimmer comes in different colors, and seeing a few pink/red dots on my nails made me really happy.


  1. yaaay this is very beautiful! So happy that Bobbie releases such trendy polishes. I'm trying to look for these babies but I just can't spot them :/ may I know where are you getting them? Thanks for the swatch! :)

    1. Hi, Lorika! Bobbie is a local brand, so I buy them at the malls and big pharmacies here in the Philippines.

    2. Whoops... I didn't realize at first that you're a Filipina. :) You can buy Bobbie at Watson's, Landmark, and at the Beauty section of SM department store, but I suggest you buy it at Landmark, because they sell Bobbie at only 29.75 a bottle, whereas SM sells it at 36, if I remember correctly.

    3. Hehehe. So happy I finally got this earlier :) there's only one Weng weng left and a few mojito. The sales ladies from malls in araneta center said that the holo prism collec is always out of stock! Yiii thanks for the swatches, love your blog!! :)

  2. Love the shade

  3. So, so pretty, Jenn! I love it, and thank you so much for linking up with me + Heather for Mani Monday. :) xoxo

  4. I am loving this holo. Great color!

    I nominated you ladies for the Liebster Award! The award nominee rules are at my blog (link below). Congrats and I think your blog is awesome!

  5. Ooohhh! Weng Weng looks gorgeous on your nails! Makes me want to wear it now too. lol.


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