Monday, April 1, 2013

April 1

New month, new life... and another chance to start anew. I didn't bother taking pictures of myself today because there wasn't much difference, other than the weight gain I had. Currently I am at 216lbs., and as much as I hoped the scale was playing an April Fools prank at me, it wasn't. I accept that, for I am really to blame for it.. the important thing is that I know I still have a fight in me to lose the weight.

For the next two months, my focus is to lose whatever weight I can lose, because (like I said yesterday) when K arrives, all my fitness plans will be put on hold for one full month. Given the list of places we will visit, my main way to exercise will be walking, but because K isn't a hearty eater, I am sure I will learn something from him about eating less.

I woke up late today (I slept at 1am because I read a few chapters from London Bridges), so I wasn't able to go out and walk around the neighborhood. Boo hoo for the first day of April, but I was able to do both Hip Hop Abs routines I scheduled for today - Cardio and AbSculpt. It felt different to be exercising during the summer, I easily sweat, I easily got tired, but I managed to pull through.

I also did Day 1 of the 14-Day Program of this book... for today I did Bell Pull, Side Shoulder Raise, Shoulder Press, Standing Wall Push-Ups, and Triceps Squeeze Back. Just 10 reps each (will just increase reps when I do round 2), and although two of these didn't require dumbbells, the Triceps Squeeze Back gave me the discomfort and the pain.

Another part of the arms workout I did was the 8 Minute Arms, which I saw on YouTube. It surely felt different to start again, but after the workouts there was a sense of accomplishments, to which I am happy.

Food wise, I had this for Brunch - 1/2 cup of rice + 70g of roasted chicken (weighed with bones) + 2/3 cup of Sauteed Cabbages and Sayote + a can of Del Monte 100% pure Pineapple Juice (no sugar added). Since I got up late, I didn't eat breakfast anymore because I had to exercise and by the time I am finished it was already time to cook lunch. I didn't get to eat all my veggies, though.. brother and I shared the veggies, and I gave the chicken skin to one of the cats. For dinner, I had fried fish, rice, and light coleslaw (cabbages and carrots). One indulgence I had was eating a small mamon for snacks.

These were two pictures taken in January. The left one was in 2011, the right one was in 2012. I shared these because I was about 198lbs. on the 2012 picture, and right now that's what I am hoping to hit. I am still going to be obese at 198, but it definitely looks better than being at 200+. I am very hopeful I can hit Onederland when K arrives - well he's not obliging me to lose weight, he doesn't care if I am fat or not, but for personal gratification, I just want to feel a little comfortable in the clothes I wear (in general sense). I will concentrate on this first, then adjust after the holiday.

Speaking of K... here are the 10 Places Where He Kissed Me:
  1. Inside the airplane - during our first flight together (going to Bohol)
  2. At the airport - when we met personally for the first time (just a welcome kiss on the cheek)
  3. Inside our room, every morning, every night.
  4. Inside the taxi - when I got off at EDSA to catch the bus home and he stayed inside because he has to go straight to the airport (a goodbye kiss of sorts)
  5. At the Thai Restaurant - I was shivering in cold even if I was already wearing his jacket, so he came to me, hugged me and kissed me on the temple.
  6. At the view deck of Chocolate Hills - I slipped off the loose rocks and he was quick on his feet to help me up, scolding me a little (you're mother is going to kill me if I you're in crutches when you get home), but he did kiss me to ease the pain and to make sure he was there for me.
  7. At the port going to Dumaguete, we had a fight the night before (the worst fight to date), but because both of us didn't get a decent sleep (imagine fighting and shouting at each other at 2am) and I didn't have a good mood to start the day, I told him I wasn't in the best mood, and he just kissed me to say he won't get in the way. By the time we reached Dumaguete and we had a great lunch, we were both okay already, We never fought that bad again after that, but of course we still had petty quarrels.
  8. Inside the bus.
  9. The balcony of our room in Iloilo.
  10. I know for sure he kissed my hand... but I can't recall where. Boo.
New places will be added when he arrives... makes me very excited in a way.

Hello, Monday!


  1. Hi Jenn--good luck with your fitness and health plan! Your list is sweet.

  2. I would love for you to come link up to my Tuesday Blog Hop!!

    xo Tori

  3. You are doing wonderfully.and what sweet memories! You sure kiss a lot in transportation ;)


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