Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Blast From the Past

The first half of my college life, there weren't much privileges. Gadgets we could use were limited - a few owned pagers, and while cell phones were already available, it only had the call function that most of us just didn't mind if we don't own one. Digital cameras were still an alien of a term, so we just take pleasure using the Instamatic cameras. We do love having pictures taken every now and then - usually, the one who owns the camera would shoulder all expenses (the film and the developing charges), and classmates would just pass around the main copy of pictures and choose the ones they want to be reprinted.

I do love that we now have the digital cameras and the cell phones with cameras - giving us more chances to take pictures, but it's just nice to look back at a time when people would anticipate how each pictures will turn out.

Just the other day, a college classmate posted pictures on Facebook from yesteryears. One of the pictures I personally have a copy in my album (I believe it was taken from my camera back then), but the others were pictures I never knew existed. Checking the pictures brought lotsa memories and because most of us were also friends on Facebook, we started sharing comments and recollection.

I am trying hard to recall the event behind this picture. For sure this was one of our final exams - a presentation, obviously, but I can't remember what the heck we were doing here! Geez... I didn't know the reason behind the white dress and and the all-black clothes! Hahaha!

Another picture from the same event... this I clearly remember; we were dancing Aqua's "Dr. Jones" here. ROFL! That song was really memorable to us, to the point that a few months back, one of our classmates wanted for us to have a reunion and dance to the song again! Hahahaha. Thinking about it, I now don't know if I still can dance to the tune.

A picture the day after... I think we were waiting for our class cards on this day. One of us - the one in white - commented on Facebook, "I miss my old body." I agree with her! I was already fat back then... but comparing my size then and now, reminds me of a line of Baz Lhurmann's "Everybody's Free to Wear Sunscreen" song, "You are not as fat as you imagine." Of course, I do wish to come back to this body... and I will, in time. :)

Ahhh... the perks of using the Instamatic camera! :)

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