Sunday, April 28, 2013

Max's Crispy Pata Take-Out Treat

Here in the house, we consider Crispy Pata a "luxury." Not really because we couldn't really afford it, but mainly because cooking out is such a pain-staking task, and yes, we found it a little expensive as well (might as well buy other food). That being said, whenever one of us would ask what we want to eat, we usually reply with "Crispy Pata," because we all know that is close to impossible to be served at home.

The only times we could eat Crispy Pata is whenever we attend events with this on the table. However, we truly couldn't enjoy eating it because it is often considered as a "sin food" that just expressing a wide-eyed wonder over it would cause people around to go, "Cholesterol...." Hahaha.

Well now, we have all the reasons to devour on this sinfully delicious food, because Max's Restaurant is now offering Crispy Pata as a take-out treat for only 449 pesos, which is 119 pesos less than the a la carte price. It also comes with a free 1.5L of Pepsi, so this makes a great take-out treat for those busy moments when you can't cook something, and this also makes a great potluck treat for those small family gatherings and get-together with friends.

This treat is available until May 31, 2013 in all Max's Restaurant branches nationwide.

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