Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Paint it Blue for the World Autism Awareness Day

I usually post my nail of the day post every weekends, but allow me to post on a Wednesday to make way for this mani. Today is the World Autism Awareness Day, and although I don't know anyone in my family and close relations who has Autism, I do know of some people who has a child or a sibling who has Autism, so I partly could understand what they are going through.

Last week, some nail bloggers posted something about Painting it Blue on this day. Some of them sported a nail art with light bulbs and puzzle pieces, but since I am not talented to do nail art that involves forming shapes using the brush and / or dotting tools, this was the best I can come up with.

Klik Cracked Nail Polish - Agua
Klik Cracked Nail Polish - Agua Klik Cracked Nail Polish - Agua

I decided to go for Klik Cracked Nail Polish in Agua, the only cracked nail polish I have in my stash. In some ways, I think the blue cracked nail polish looked a bit like puzzle pieces, don't you think? Anyway, the only time I got to hear about cracking paint was through scrapbooking. When the cracked nail polish came out, I wasn't really into it - my sister says it looks dirty on the nails. I bought this bottle last January to be used on my planned simple nail art for my cousin's wedding. However, I decided to go with the Saran Wrap nail art, but I did use this one my toes.

I must have gotten an old and used bottle because when I arrived home after purchasing this and swatched it on one of my nails (I always do that), the opening of the bottle already had some nail polish residue. The paint itself was already thick, but because of its consistency and pigmentation, it was difficult to tell how much polish was left in the bottle.

What did I love about the Klik Cracked Nail Polish?
  • It was very cheap... the cheapest cracked nail polish I've seen in the market.
  • Even if the consistency was thick, it still produced pretty cracks.
What I didn't love?
  • The smell. It was quite strong compared to the other Klik Nail Polish I have.
  • It doesn't have a list of ingredients, but I do trust the brand... this isn't the first time I used this brand anyway, although I do hope as their brand gains popularity, they would include the ingredients list, like what they had on their OMG Nail Polish (which has the same manufacturer)
  • The brush was a little stiff, it drags the base nail polish as I glide the brush.
Since the polish was already thick, I can't go for thin coats. The brush issue was resolved by applying it very gently, but because it drags the base nail polish and would mix with the cracked nail polish, I recommend going for just one pass and not go back and forth with the painting like we usually do when we apply nail polish. This dries very quick, too, so be sure you apply them as fast as you can. If you want to have more cracks, blow on it after application or use a hair dryer.

Klik Cracked Nail Polish - Agua

I watched on a YouTube video that the cracks will depend on how you applied them. If you want variation of cracks, apply them in different directions - vertically, horizontally, or diagonally - but because I can't do much with this, I only applied them vertically. Thankfully, blowing on it create some horizontal cracks as well.

I don't know if I will buy more cracked nail polish in the future, but I am not closing my doors on it. I probably would get a black one as it goes well with any nail polish color. What I want to own though, is that crack nail polish that produces a look as if you had crocodile leather on your nails. I know Tony Moly has it, as well as Elena (I won't mention Dior - though I just did - because I know it's impossible for me to buy that one), but because those were expensive and I am such a thrifty girl, I will just wait for the need to arise before I buy one.

By the way, I used Bobbie Premium Nail Creme in "Kohl" as my base nail polish as it is my only black nail polish I have.

If you want to see more blue nails and blue nail polish, please click this link - Paint it Blue! - and of course, you're most welcome to share your blue nails.

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