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22 - 28 February 2013

Hello hello!

Family is traveling to Baguio City tonight, so I am trying to update the blogs as much as I can, because I won't be bringing my netbook with me, though I'd still be online using my cell phone. This week's highs and lows:

22-28 Feb 2013

Like what's written on this digi-scrapbook ala Project Life, this week was all about food, but my journaling was incomplete; I forgot to write down "attending a culinary class."

Talking more about the pictures...
> Sizzlin' Pepper Steak has the cow as it's mascot (or something) and each of the tables have this "Stop" and "Moooove" sign so the staff would know if the customers needed something. We just loved that "Moooove" sign that we just have to have a picture.
> FiFi the Fone! :)
> Wonderful food spread at the Maya Kitchen, where I attended the culinary class.
> The Philippines has its own Walk of Fame, located at the Eastwood City in Libis. Took this snapshot for my German friend who has a big foot fetish.
> I was taking some product shots of the goods I bought at Good Shepherd and my ever "kulit" cat Moe-Moe can't resist interrupting me (he loves being near me, anytime, anywhere). So adorable seeing him peek
> Oh how I miss cooking for the family! Lately, it's brother who's cooking for the family and I...wash the dishes. Being a "nail blogger," all the scrubbing and soaping is not doing my hands and polished nails any good.
> Yesterday, I was part of the small, food tasting at Ristorante BigOli (foremerly Fazoli's) in Eastwood.

♥ Owning a Smartphone. My old Sony Ericsson K800i cell phone, which served me well for more than 5 years breathed its last breath last Friday. Good thing, there are a lot of affordable smartphones around, and I bought a Cherry Mobile Flare using the money I earned through blogging. It wasn't expensive, but it does run on Android 4.0 ICS, and I loved the resolution. I named it FiFi, because of "Flare" and "WiFi." I still haven't downloaded a whole lot of apps into yet, because I still haven't bought a memory card (I don't want to use the phone's internal memory) yet. Maybe next week, I will take time to customize my apps.
♥ Painting my nails pink and purple this week. I just needed to finish the Caronia "Bright Nights" Collection so I can move into a different nail polish collection in my stash. I am super itching to buy new nail polishes, but seeing that I have about 50+ bottles to swatch, I am pinching myself everytime I see nail polishes for sale.
♥ Chatting with K. I miss chatting with him! Since he went back to work, he's rarely online on YM and we often just talk through e-mails. Exchanging real time messages about our holiday is making me more excited!
♥ Receiving a Coca-Cola mini hi-fi speaker at the BigOli event. I almost missed this event because I was so sleepy, but I still went to the event because the organizer specifically chose me to be a part of it. I thought I was late, but it was I who arrived the earliest, and before we parted ways, BigOli's marketing manager handed me the gift. Oh cute! I always plan to buy a speaker for my net book (whenever I watch movies), and now I already have one!
♥ Uncle Carlito will be coming here to stay at the house while we were away. We've always wondered and worried what will happen to the cats when the whole family leaves, but good thing mom thought about asking Uncle Carlito. Now we won't have to worry about the cats!
♥ Hanson, my super favorite band, wrote on their Facebook page, "We're now planning a return to the Philippines" or something to that effect. As a fan, this just melted my heart!
♥ My cat Moe-Moe not holding any grudges. I was so mad at him the other day, but even if I scolded him, he still went to me, rubbed his body on my leg, and when I carried him, he still licked my nose. Awww, and more awwww... :)

♥ Period. Again.
♥ Missing two food events yesterday. :(
♥ I still can't sign into Instagram! Hahahaha.
♥ My favorite online seller posted pictures of some footwear.. I just hated it that I wasn't quick enough to browse through it and post my comments - it sucks not getting two of the FitFlops pairs!
♥ Yesterday, I cooked sausages for breakfast. I usually boil the sausages first until all the water evaporates, allowing its own oil to cook it. However, I started playing Candy Crush Saga, and I forgot that I was cooking! The result? Sausages turned into charcoals! Pfft!

Well, it was still a happy week for me... I will just let this family event pass and when I get back, I'd focus on the weight loss program again.


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