Saturday, March 16, 2013

OMG Crystal Sand Nail Polish | Quartz

Happy Saturday!

I feel tired today because I tend the garden and cleaned my room... but I know I just have to update this blog because I love sharing my manicures!

OMG Crystal Sand Nail Polish | Quartz OMG Crystal Sand Nail Polish | Quartz OMG Crystal Sand Nail Polish | Quartz
without top coat | with top coat

This week, I am sharing the third installment to the five-part series on OMG Crystal Sand nail polishes. I decided to go pink this time, because it is one of favorite colors! So far, the first two OMG Crystal Sand nail polishes I have tried were so great, and it sort of felt like this will be great, too. I was wrong because this was difficult to apply. The consistency was okay - it is not runny and not thick, too, but when I glide it on my nails, the brush would just drag the nail polish resulting in uneven application. At first, I thought of going with very thick coats and just glide the brush lightly, which worked for a while, until I realized my nails didn't have the sandy texture anymore. I decided to re-do my nails and go for very thin coats and it solved the problem.

Application may have given me little problems, but I did love its color! It's very different from the pink nail polishes I own, and it has a subtle matte look. I read somewhere that sand nail polishes have matte finishes, but I wasn't able to notice it until I tried this one. The sand crystals aren't as gritty as the first two I have tried, so it is very okay even without the top coat.

On my nails are three very thin coats of Quartz. I added a top coat for comparison; it made the shade a little darker and the sand crystals looked more shiny, but I still love it without the top coat.

I am right handed, so it is obvious that my manicure pictures are all showing my left hand. This week was an exception, because something happened to left hand even before I took pictures of my nail polish:


While at an event I attended, I accidentally stepped on the fabric chair cover as I pull the chair closer (as I sit) and my hand slid against the fabric hitting the metal brace of the chair. I knew my hand slid, but when I checked my nails if my mani was still intact, I was surprised to see it broke my nails! It was pretty upsetting, but I had to live with it.


  1. love the color! really pretty! It's similar to the color I wore this past week, L'Oreal's Spice Things Up!
    Just stopping by for the link-up :)

  2. Oh no! I hate when my nails break right after I paint them up really cute!


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