Monday, March 11, 2013

Hello, Monday!

After the many lapses I have had, I already set myself to completely immerse myself into reaching my goal of losing weight. It is going to be difficult to fight the battle alone, but I am very much willing to give it my very best shot, especially that the only person who's going to benefit from this is myself.

So, hello Monday, hello new week!

Hello, Jenn!

I have had pictures taken during my last trip, but honestly, I don't know why I seldom take pictures of myself. I guess somehow I hated myself for many reasons (that I don't know as well), but yeah, time to say hello to myself again. Sorry if I hated you (partly, somehow). Let's be friends again? :)

Eyes closed? Hmmm.... I don't know, but if I am to analyze it, could it be that I am still not really ready to see myself? Not really, although I am quite ashamed of myself for letting me gain back the weight I have already lost. Acceptance is going to be a slow process, but I'll get there.

Hello, Oatmeal Cookies!

Lately, my snacks are usually junk. When we went to Baguio City, my sister bought a pack of Oatmeal Cookies, because it is one of her favorite snacks and would like to compare this to Quacker. Before, my diet included oatmeal cooked in water (no sugar, no milk... but at times I add banana slices), but over time my tummy would reject it - either I'd have tummy aches or heartburn, but this week, I don't have anything to eat for snacks (I still don't like to start eating the Danish Cookies), so I am saying hello to these cookies. These are slightly bland compared to Quacker, but it does taste better after the first bite. No violent tummy reactions so far... so will continue eating it. PS - that includes the raisins. It is one of my hated foods, but fiber is beneficial.

Hello, Kitchen!

Brother's always the one cooking here in the house, but I want to share recipes on my food blog again (twice a week if I can), so I am looking at my list again and start getting my hands "dirty." :) Tomorrow, I will be cooking this recipe.

Hello, Sewing Kit!

Last January, Aunt Julie sold me four pairs of pants "for a cause." These pants were just my size, but I find the length quite awkward... so before the week ends, I vow to cut these three pants to the length that would suit my preference. (The other pair was good enough, no need to alter it)

Hello, Alarm Clock!

My phone serves as my alarm clock, but ever since I stopped going to Colinas Verdes for my morning walk/jog, I stopped setting the alarm clock as well. Colinas Verdes might be closed until 8am, but I still could do my early morning walk around my own neighborhood.

Also this week, I am saying hello to: food journal, measuring cups, diet scale, zumba, hip hop abs, and pink nail polish! :)

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