Friday, March 29, 2013

22 - 28 March 2013

Since it's Good Friday today, I just had a laid back morning and afternoon... no major chores to do (by choice), but here's a recap of my week.

I finally joined Instagram last Saturday, but because we still don't have a router at home, I can't upload much just yet. Right now, I am using Insta Pic Frames for the collages... nice, but not so. Any suggestions for a good collage app?

Inserting some fragments of thoughts:
  • I am glad I have my cats to drink the milk from my cereal bowl, after I finish eating. I really don't slurp the milk, I just use it to soften my cereals.
  • At first I didn't like the nail polish I put on this week... but it does have its way for me to like it.
  • I will surely miss pigging out.
  • My first godchild is now a mother. Really? That means at 32, I am old enough to be a grandmother, as I am just a year younger than my godchild's mother.

Wednesday, I received a surprise package. I truly wasn't expecting any packages, so when the delivery man called my name and handed me this big package, I started to wonder. Turns out, the package is from the Maya Kitchen, and it contains a shirt, a big box of Maya Pancake Mix, a bag of Maya All-Purpose Flour, and a box of Maya Instant Champorado (rice chocolate porridge). Awww, so sweet of them to send a package... my siblings were over the top happy with the Champorado Mix.


Yesterday, I was able to spot this sunset from our front door. Quite sad that I couldn't get a decent picture of it as the house in front of ours totally blocks the view, but it was still a great experience to be seeing a good farewell to a wonderful day.

Today marks the fifth day of my week-long Salad Project, and I am still in love with it! For today's lunch, I cooked Chopseuy, which allows me (somehow) to have my veggie fix, but for tonight's dinner, I had this salad (nothing more). Very simple one, but I used Ranch as a dressing - just 1 teaspoon because I added 10g of cheddar cheese in it. I still can't say if I like Ranch dressing, but this salad of mine was like eating Kani Sandwich, minus the bread. Adding white onions added more flavor, by the way.

Five random things about me as a salad girl?
  1. I don't like the seeds. That's the reason why I buy very slender cucumbers, and why I take out the seeds of the tomatoes.
  2. I love Romaine Lettuce. Iceberg is my least favorite.
  3. I don't like eating the white parts of the lettuce.
  4. Caesar is my favorite dressing.
  5. I prefer to grate the carrots rather than cutting them into dice or chips, because there's something about the carrot flavor I don't like. By grating the carrots, it is easier for me to eat.
Next week, I still would include salads into my diet, but not as part of everyday meal, because I just realized... buying salad ingredients can be expensive. :)

Not so good parts of my week?
☹ I just found out that one of my favorite celebrity chefs - Ed Quimson - already passed away. It makes me sad because I always dream of meeting him and maybe have a picture with him, but it won't happen anymore.
I lost the copy of the Sitaw at Kalabasa Salad (string beans and squash).
☹ I wasn't able to cook a recipe this week.
☹ I got sick last Saturday, so I wasn't able to attend the class at the Maya Kitchen, as well as attend the food event at Yellow Cab Pizza.
☹ I lost track of the movies I watched this month... I totally fail my Movie Project this year. 

Still... there's a lot of reasons to smile... biggest smile comes from the fact that me eating less this week is going to be beneficial for my fitness plans next month.

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  1. Your nail polish - and your photos - are wonderful.
    I like that - if you couldn't make it to Maya - Maya came to you - (what a gift) -
    I super enjoyed your post!
    Happy Five Day!

  2. Sharing cereal milk with your kitty is priceless!

    Thank you so much for sharing part of yourself at R5F this week and Happy Easter!

  3. Nice blog. I like your focus on being healthy and wish you the best.

  4. cute cat. i love Caesar dressing. Italian is my favorite. now i think i will have a salad for lunch. my taste buds are watering. ha. ha!! take care. ( :
    Happy Easter!

  5. My little grandson is the opposite of you...he loves carrots...cooked and raw, he's a carrot nut! :)

  6. Love the nail polish! And I beg to differ that you didn't get a decent shot of the sunset - I think it's amazing! :)

    Pajama Day, Easter Snafu, April Fool’s Day for Friday Fragments Fun

  7. What beautiful kitty! I would share my cereal milk with our kitties, but all 4 of them are lactose intolerant. :(

    Your photos are wonderful. The sunset pic is breathtaking. :)

    Have a wonderful Easter!

  8. So nice to meet you. Your kitty is adorable. My kitties would like to help with all of my meals! :D :D Happy Spring!

  9. FYI: adult cats digestive systems aren't able to withstand dairy so prepare for, um, not such great results in the litterbox. :-(

    ZOMG! I love champorado!!!!

  10. I don't have a cat, but I do need someone to finish off my cereal milk. I too only use it to soften my cereal ;-) Great pics!!! Boo on the house in the way. They should move it to the left just a bit.

  11. Good luck with the weight loss...I'm on that trip myself these days! Nice Random 5's and I love the photo!

  12. I enjoyed your 5! We have cats, too. They don't drink milk though--not sure their tummies would tolerate it. I use milk on my cereal for the same reason--just to soften it up. Wonderful collage of photos!


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