Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bobbie Nail Polish | Margarita

After finishing the Caronia "Bright Nights" Collection and the OMG Crystal Sand Collection, I thought I'd continue featuring another collection I have in my stash, and this time, allow me to swatch the Holoprism Collection by Bobbie.

Bobbie Nail Polish Holoprism Collection
Bobbie Holoprism Collection (picture taken from my other blog)

I didn't know such collection exists. I bought Weng-Weng more than a year ago (after seeing it on my friend's nails), but because I wasn't very much into nail polish that time (though I have started buying nail polish to be used on my toenails), I didn't really notice that some of Bobbie's nail polishes have the same make. Thankfully, even if the collection was launched more than a year ago, they still produce each of the shades, and I was happy to be able to complete it - 5 I bought in January, 2 I bought last February.

Shades in this collection include: Purple Passion, Mint Daquiri (I didn't misspell this, it really is called "daquiri" and not "daiquiri"), Margarita, Mudslide, Mojito, Weng-Weng, and Vodka on Ice.

...and I am going to start with Margarita.

Bobbie Nail Creme | Margarita
Bobbie Nail Creme | Margarita Bobbie Nail Creme | Margarita

Margarita is a mild holographic nail polish with muted pink shade, which also is very close to brown. It has a very nice consistency, though it was very sheer, even after three coats, which still shows the nail line (though not very visible anymore). It dried fast and is very glossy, no need to add a topcoat.

Bobbie Nail Creme | Margarita Bobbie Nail Creme | Margarita

From afar, the nail polish isn't really something that would attract attention, as it looks a little nude. In the shade, the holo effect is hardly seen, but out in the sun or when I photograph my nails with flash, that's when the effect looks more visible.

Bobbie Nail Creme | Margarita
Bobbie Nail Creme | Margarita

I read in some blogs that one might want to put a different base coat (just to cover the nail line as this nail polish is very sheer), so I stopped at three thick coats and will go with a different base coat next time.

So, why did I go for Margarita? Simples... I just had a Strawberry Margarita last Thursday and while checking the bottles of Bobbie Holoprism Collection, I just thought Bobbie Margarita looked a little like the drink I just had.

Weekend is over again....

Keep Calm and Drink Margarita

'nuff said. :)

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