Sunday, March 10, 2013

OMG Crystal Sand Nail Polish | Citrine

Sharing my current nail polish, which I applied yesterday:

OMG Crystal Sand Nail Polish | Citrine

I nearly called off sharing manis for a while because I recently did the laundry and the soap seemed to make my skin look so awful. Even if I wash it and lotion my hands, they still look wrinkly and skin somewhat shiny, which made me think my hands might shed off old, dead skin in a few day's time.

Anyway, I have four more OMG Crystal Sand nail polishes to try, and the one that called on me was Citrine, which was funny considering how awful my hands look like. Yeah, it made my skin tone appear darker, but oh my gosh I just love its shade! Normally, I don't go for orange nail polishes - like blue, this color is out of my comfort zone, but I guess falling in love with nail polishes made me appreciate the different shades out there, and I am slowly letting go of the fear that it might not be good on my skin tone. :)

OMG Crystal Sand Nail Polish | Citrine OMG Crystal Sand Nail Polish | Citrine

Like Opal, this also has an awesome pigmentation, and can pull of one coat. However, if you want to pack as much sand bits on your nails, you may go for a second or a third coat. Even with thick coats, it won't look bulky and it dries really flat, but of course it has the grainy texture.

On my nails are two thick coats, plus a topcoat. Application was easy breezy... brush spreads good, and I actually was able to coat my pinkie with just one stroke! One problem I have with this though is that it chipped fairly easily. This afternoon, I took off the tape wrapped around the tin of cookies and I was surprised to see that doing so created a big chip. Good thing touch up was easy, too! Well, no need for me to worry about it too much as I will take this off tomorrow or on Tuesday to try another bottle. I have red, pink, and green. Which one I should try?

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