Saturday, March 2, 2013

Caronia Nail Polish | Trance

It's weekend once again! Time to share some lovely nail polishes! It's part 3 now of the Caronia Bright Nights Collection, and today I will share - Trance.

Caronia Nail Polish | Trance

This was the newest nail polish on my stash (along with Stellar, which I will share tomorrow), which I bought the nearby supermarket. I love purple and purple takes the biggest population in my nail polish stash, and this one was so easy to love! From the looks of it, it appears textured, but it wasn't.

Formula was also okay, but I didn't like the brush at all! It was thin (which is quite the case with any of my Caronia nail polishes), but the brush seemed to be a little stiff that it was difficult to spread the lacquer. I tried doing the "super thin" approach, but I wouldn't get the hang of it, so for this I went thick on the application. Although that's the case, this nail polish has very great pigmentation and could get away with one coat. I also liked that it dried flat (not bulky) though I used thick coats. It didn't bubble...but the thing was that, I applied one thick coat in the morning, and applied the second thick coat the next day. Well, it looks okay in one coat, I just added on the next day for a deeper shade.

Caronia Nail Polish | Trance Caronia Nail Polish | Trance

I don't know if it appears foil-y on the pictures, but it does have the foil effect in person, although I might say the silver speckles are very visible in this nail polish. Still, I loved it's grape-like color. If only the brush wasn't difficult too use. :)

I didn't wear top coat for this. It was pretty durable, but wasn't as durable as Lounge.

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