Friday, March 29, 2013

Bobbie Nail Polish | Mint Daquiri

There are seven shades in the Holoprism Collection of Bobbie nail polish, but the very little OC side of me didn't want to show similar shades one after another, so I arranged every bottle to know which I will swatch. For today, it's the Mint Daquiri.

Bobbie Nail Polish | Mint Daquiri
Bobbie Nail Polish | Mint Daquiri Bobbie Nail Polish | Mint Daquiri

If Margarita was sheer, this was sheerer. Applying the first coat didn't appeal to me at all, as it looked as if I my nails had a bad case of yellow staining, but after applying the third coat, I was able to achieve the desired opacity of it. It wasn't love at first sight for me, and if you happen to search the web for this particular nail polish, most of the bloggers who tried this didn't like it at all. One thing to be thankful for... this collection has been in the market for more than a year, yet Bobbie still continues to produce this shade. It may not be well loved, but I am glad I got to swatch it on my nails.

In the shade, the holo effect is not visible, but it appears to be textured. The formula of this was great; it spreads like butter, and dries fairly fast, too. I went for very thick coats to achieve my desired opacity, but it has a tendency to bubble, so what I did was to allow the layer to fully dry before adding the next. I am not really pressed for time when it comes to doing my manicure, so I applied the first coat in the morning, the next one after eating my lunch, and the third one the next morning.

Bobbie Nail Polish | Mint Daquiri
Bobbie Nail Polish | Mint Daquiri Bobbie Nail Polish | Mint Daquiri

It's holographic effect can be seen under the sunlight (I forgot to take a picture using the camera flash), but even under the sun, it wasn't as strong as Margarita. I didn't add any top coat for this as it had a very glossy finish, and that I feel a little worried that the thick layers of nail polish might produce bubbles.

This may not be my color of choice... it might not even be a part of my favorite list, but somehow, I have come to love and appreciate it. I like to say it compliments my skin tone, and even if it's light yellow gold / light mustard in shade, it wasn't such an attention grabber.

I don't know if I will still wear this (as is) again, but I already thought of an idea what to do with it next time.


  1. What a great Gold color.. I've never heard of this brand, I'm going to need to check it out.

  2. I really like this. It's a mixture of a yellow-gold!
    what brand is this? would love your response on my blog!

    stopped by for the link-up.
    have a fabulous weekend!

    1. It's Bobbie and it's a local brand of nail polish here in the Philippines.


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