Sunday, March 3, 2013

Caronia Nail Polish | Stellar

Last part of the Caronia Bright Nights Collection... ending it with a Stellar nail polish! :)

Caronia Nail Polish | Stellar

I am sooo in love with this nail polish. The color is stunning, the foil-effect is spot on (especially under sunlight), and it is a super-duper awesome one coater! The formula was also good... and for the first time, I got a bottle with a great brush... a little thin, but it spreads as I glide it on my nails, allowing me to paint my nails in just two strokes.

Caronia Nail Polish | Stellar Caronia Nail Polish | Stellar

Like what I did with Trance, I painted my nails with one coat yesterday, and added another coat this morning. Adding a top coat made the shade a little darker. I suddenly became speechless with this, but do take my word on it, this is stellar!

Next week, will share a different collection. Do come back to see it.

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