Friday, March 15, 2013

08 - 14 March 2013

Oh gosh, it's Friday again, really?!? Well, I had a hit and miss week, and although the crappies outweighs the happies, contemplating about it sort of makes me feel happy in general. For the past weeks, I have been sharing layout (digitally patterned after Becky Higgins' Project Life), but for a change let me go with this pattern because I want to show images of some crappies as well.

♥  Attending two events - Foodgasm at the Mercato Centrale and the media launch of Flourish Pilipinas. My pictures at the Foodgasm were all awful (it looked good on my camera's LCD, but it looked blurred when I uploaded it), so I don't know how will I blog about it. I still haven't seen the images my sister took (she went with me, but she bought her own ticket), but if her images were good, I might borrow it. Hahaha.
♥ Watching Robert Sena and Isay Alvarez perform live. These two talented individuals started as actors in "Miss Saigon" (they were part of the original London cast), and I have always admired their voices (who wouldn't? They're so talented), and hearing them sing live was just spectacular!
♥ Food deliveries! Jollibee delivered a bucket of Tuna Pie last Friday, Van Melle delivered a bucket of Alpenliebe candies. Just wow!
♥ Cooking something. Well, it's just homemade potato chips... but the thing is, I cooked something new! :)
♥ Listening to Fun.'s first album "Aim and Ignite" on YouTube. Very different from their current studio album...but the musicality's actually good and quite addicting. My favorite song in the album is "At Least I am Not as Sad (as I Used to Be)," but let me make it clear that I don't quite agree with the lyrics. Taking the lyrics aside, it was the song on replay lately.
♥ New Pope! Oh dear... seeing the new Pope - Pope Francis came out made me teary eyed. I am not religious, but I am very happy that my church, the Catholic Church now has a leader. I felt bad that Pope Benedict XVI resigned (but I give him credit for acknowledging that he's no longer fit for the position), but seeing how humble the new Pope is (not that the previous one wasn't), it just felt unexplainable.
♥ K's email: "______ Hotel booked!" Amazing!
♥ Painting my nails three times this week... still using the OMG Crystal Sand nail polishes, I applied Citrine (orange), Quartz (pink), and Peridot (green) - which is what I am wearing as of this writing.
♥  Zumba! It is killing my legs, though. Hahaha.
♥ Hanson posted another picture Taylor took in the Philippines last year (wow, he is a good street photographer), and asked Filipino fans where to go next time they visit. Awwwww... Oh, happy birthday, Taylor! 3-0! Congratulations!

♥ My cat Teddy gave birth last week, and lost her kitties. I felt so bad because she tried her best to give the kittens a good home, I mean, I closed my bedroom but she was able to find a way to sneak her two kittens in my closet... but my other cat Oreo was truly a kitty-killer! He bit one of the kittens around 6am... and seeing the other one still well and unharmed gave me hope, but then.. come 10am, I noticed the mother cat sleeping in the living room, and when I checked the closet the other one's dead as well. Oh geez! This cat Oreo has killed so many newborn kittens! What's making me feel more bad is that the mother cat still goes back to the closet, looking for her kitties. :'(
♥ My camera's memory card slot is now defective. I guess in two years that I take the memory card in and out of the camera damaged the lock for the memory card... but I am still glad that when I close the battery latch, all is still working good. Although, I am now starting to save up for a new camera, and I might buy the Nikon Coolpix L120 before the year ends (I have a soft spot for long zoom cameras, this having 21x optical zoom, my current camera only has 12x).
♥ Nail injuries! While walking around Bonifacio Global City, the nail on my big toe cracked and wounded my toe... then at the Flourish Pilipinas event, my hand slid against the fabric covered chair and as you can see in one of the images above, it was heartbreaking. Good thing, when I cut my nails real short, I realized it still looked good. I guess I'd maintain this length.
♥ Stuck at Level 37 of Candy Crush Saga for 4 days now. Sigh...
♥ I turned down a food tasting invitation because I thought I am traveling out of town this week. My cousin Marge apologized for it, and I do understand (there will always be lots of opportunities), but I wasn't able to see celebrity Marvin Agustin in person! Hahaha. Well, I let my brother travel on my behalf, so I will still blog about it.
♥ I can't find a store that sells jelly cases for my cell phone!
♥ Seeing my first boyfriend's wedding picture. Well, relationship was from 10 years ago... I am totally over him and the relationship, but out of the blue, I just looked for him on Facebook and saw the timeline cover - his wedding day. He and I aren't friends on Facebook, so it was the only picture I saw. I feel happy for him, but I feel sort of sad for myself - for I still haven't found the love of my life.
♥ Deaths. My SFC (a church org) friend's father died... my college classmate's father died... and a brother at the church org died this week. My prayers goes to you. May you rest in peace.

This weekend, I am set to clean my bedroom as well as plan my meals for the next week. Zumba felt good, but my legs and knees are killing me, I might switch to a different routine next week to recuperate.

Friday Photo Journal

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