Thursday, February 28, 2013

Another Baguio Trip

I wasn't able to go to the gym this week for a lot of reasons - too much assignments, too much house chores, brother not anymore willing to join me, and I am having another menstrual period. Yeah...wasn't just the other week that I had my period? Awful.

Anyway, this is the last day of February, and my weight is still the same - 214lbs. Given the lots of food events I attended (plus the side food trips with the family and friends), I was glad that I maintained my weight. Tomorrow, I will try my hardest to walk around even for just 30 minutes, but my serious workout (will force brother to join me at the gym or I will let Jillian Michaels torture me) will start on 07 March, because tomorrow night the family are set to travel to Baguio City.

Dad's death anniversary is on 05 March, and since there is a full weekend before that, mom thought it would be nice for us to travel to Baguio City (possibly because my stories about my recent trip there made mom want to experience it, too) before going to La Union.

Baguio Cathedral
Baguio City Cathedral at Dawn (27 Feb 2010)

I have been to Baguio several times, but this would be the first time the family would travel there together. Sister won't travel with us tomorrow night, but she will travel afternoon of Saturday, giving us a full day to roam around on Sunday before going to La Union.

So...where do I want to go this time?

Strawberry Fields
Strawberry Farms - La Trinidad, Benguet (04 March 2011)
There are five places in and near Baguio City that I wanted to see: The Laperal Mansion, BenCab Museum, Philippine Military Academy, the Cemetery of Negativism, and the old Diplomat Hotel. Food wise, I just wanted to eat something (or somewhere) new to me, and I also want to go thrift shopping.

For sure, my sister wants to see several places new to my list, so planning it, I broke it down into two lists:

Day 1 - Saturday
  • Baguio Cathedral
  • Cemetery of Negativism
  • Philippine Military Academy
  • Lunch at Zens Restaurant - Mines View Hotel
  • Mines View Park
  • The Mansion | Wright Park
  • Laperal Mansion
  • The Old Diplomat Hotel
  • Burnham Park
  • Dinner (still undecided where)
  • Night Shopping along Session Road
Day 2 - Sunday
  • BenCab Museum
  • Strawberry Farms
  • Lunch at Oh My Gulay!
  • Tam-Awan Village
  • Pasalubong Shopping

Undas 2007
Visiting daddy's grave - October 2007

In La Union, the family will go to the cemetery to visit dad's grave first as sister has to travel back to Manila that same morning. This will be the first time the whole family will visit dad's grave since October 2007. After that, it's usually sister and I, or brother and I, or brother, sis, and mom, or just me alone. After paying him a short visit, we will roam around La Union, but I don't have specific places to go to... I might just let them eat lunch at Halo Halo de Iloko, then go to Thunderbird Resorts.

We will be traveling back to Manila the day after, but we will go back to the cemetery as that would be dad's death anniversary. I still don't know whether mom wants to travel back in the morning or afternoon or maybe late at night... all we know is that mom has to go to the main office on the 6th, and that brother and I have an event to attend to that night time.

I don't have that much expectations... for sure this plan of mine is bound to change as the days unfold; I just hope that I could get to visit these five particular places in Baguio City, and I am a happy travel junkie.

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