Sunday, March 10, 2013

Carry On.

Ever since I first see Fun. perform at the Grammy's, I became an instant fan. I listen to their album "Some Nights" everyday, and is always my soundtrack whenever I blog. I love all the songs in this album, but there's one I find myself repeating over and over:

If you're lost and alone and you're sinking like a stone...
...carry on.

Pretty much sums up the words I want to tell myself. When I saw pictures from the recent trip, I was surprised at how big I am again. Now that K has already set the date of his arrival, I pretty much have a few months to prepare for it. I know I won't be supermodel slim when he arrives, I just want to be a little slimmer, maybe go back to my onederland size just so I won't feel ashamed in having my pictures taken. With places such as Boracay, Guimaras, Corregidor and Iloilo to go to, it will be a shame if I won't let K take pictures to prove I was there. :)

This week, I will do the Zumba! I discovered that there are so many Zumba-related videos on YouTube, so I plan to do at least two videos for this week, alternating one to another. I can't schedule anything right now because I have an event to attend to on the 13th and my cousin Marge has invited me for an out of town trip on the 14th until the 15th. If I set myself to do scheduled workouts I might fail again, so this week, I will go do the Zumba plus the other workouts I can do given the time and chance (I am dependent on time this week because we live far and I have to adjust whenever I attend events, so I usually devote three hours of traveling going to the location).

One thing that I am enforcing myself to do is to keep a food journal. This truly helped me eat less and to not eat randomly, so I have to learn the habit of jotting down my food intake once again. My brother recently had his FBS checked and it came out high - his level was at 145, normal was 120. I didn't dare take my FBS because I don't want to shock myself (I know my sugar is high, too), so aside from re-learning how to move again, I must really watch my food intake. While I am not strict with what I eat (as I am a food blogger, too), I just have to be careful with the amount I put in my body.

It's difficult to be traveling this road alone. But I have to be independent this time.

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  1. Don't worry sis, you know how to reach me in case you need someone to talk to. Take care. Hugs!


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