Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Four Day Vacation Recap

Family got home Wednesday morning, but I found myself very tired and stressed out. I often just take little rests, but then coming home, I faced more challenges, that is doing the laundry, cleaning the house and catching up with the assignments, blog posts, as well as resizing pictures for mom's Facebook picture uploads.

I was able to do some Zumba dances through YouTube (click here) - just to prepare my body and help get back in the groove of things. Yesterday, I got to watch an episode of Extreme Makeover (Weight Loss Edition) and learned a few things, which made me list down a few things I wanted to do. Also, I stumbled upon this YouTube Channel - BeFit, and with the abundance of help I can get online, I think there's nothing left to do but to get things going.

For this post, let me just concentrate on recapping the four-day vacation, breaking down into two separate layouts.

02-03 March 2013

02 - 03 March 2013 >>> Benguet
The Happie Bits:
  • Finding a hotel that allowed us to check-in earlier than the usual, as well as giving us discounts and free massages (good for two).
  • Walking a lot, and hearing less complaints from mom and brother.
  • Dancing with the Igorots. One bucket list item crossed out because of this.
  • Finding a taxi driver who took a different route, avoiding the traffic on our way to La Trinidad.
  • Crossing paths with some random people who gave us directions to where we were going.
  • Entering the Laperal White House. Visiting this place allowed me to at least see one place among the five places I wanted to see in Baguio.
  • Awesome food trips!
  • Buying some organic purple potatoes and some tamarillo at the market.
The Crappie Bits:
  • Waiting at the bus terminal for more than 4 hours before we boarded the bus going to Baguio.
  • My steak was just 1/2 of what brother had. Pffft. I made a bad decision there, but the food was great.
  • Encountering a taxi ride wherein the taxi driver took different routes just to make our fare more expensive. 
  • Not visiting four of the places I wanted to see. Better luck next time.
  • Eating more than I should. Dieting and traveling seem to be really hating each other. Hahaha.
  • My camera's battery drained out just before we visited our last stop.
Overall, it was a good trip. Being with the whole family made the sojourn more fun and memorable, but I must admit there were instances when my mood got the better of me. Good thing, I was able to keep the bad thoughts and feelings inside me for I don't want to give negative vibes to my family. I truly felt bad that I wasn't able to see the Cemetery of Negativism, the old Diplomat Hotel, and the BenCab Museum... but thinking about it, my family isn't into those things anyway, so I guess I will just have to travel alone or with my sister next time to see it.

Late afternoon of 03 March, we traveled from Baguio to La Union. Tired as we may be, we still have two full days to make this trip worthwhile.

04-05 March 2013

04 - 05 March 2013 >>> La Union
The Happie Bits:
  • Visiting daddy's grave (as a whole family) on his 6th death anniversary.
  • More awesome food trips.
  • Thift shopping. Though.... I wasn't able to shop much because I didn't want my family to wait for me.
  • Visiting Thunderbird Resorts and Ma-Cho Temple; both places new to mom.
  • WiFi-ing at home.
The Crappie Bits:
  • Not being able to blog while I was away because my cell phone didn't have the app that will allow me to at least edit my blogs. All I could do was update through Facebook as well as visit some of the blogs on my reader list.
  • I just look bloated!
Laughing out loud at that last bit. Yeah, I do look and feel bloated during this vacation. I may have walked a lot, but when I got home, my weight spiked to 218lbs. again, but when I weighed myself this morning it is back to 214lbs. I don't know why traveling makes me pack more weight... but that won't stop me from traveling again.

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