Monday, March 18, 2013

Hello, Monday!

Last weekend, aside from taking the time to tend the garden and clean my room, I took the time to re-read old blogs. It was such a sweet thing to remember forgotten memories (no matter how shallow they might be), and I think from here on out, I'd try to include sharing everyday experiences so that I have more to look back to when I get old.

This is my first time to join Monday Listicles. This week's prompt is about "partner," and sadly, I am currently single. Good thing, there is one special man in my life, and since our friendship has remained strong for five years now, I decided to dedicate this post to him.

K at Burnham Park

10 Ways My K is Awesome
  1. His main language is English, mine is Filipino... and although some of his slang I couldn't understand, he takes the time to explain things to me.
  2. He is agnostic, but because my church is important to me, he is very much willing to enter different Catholic churches whenever he's here in the Philippines (and we're on a holiday), letting me hear mass even if we're on a holiday, and one time, while he was doing a home paint job and turned on the webcam so I could see him, he changed the newspaper cover on the wall because he couldn't bear having the Pope's picture have splashes of paint.
  3. I can be my disgusting self, but he didn't mind it one single bit.
  4. He knows the value of money, but whenever I am on my "frugal, thrifty" self, he would tell me, "Don't worry about the money... I don't have much, but it is enough."
  5. He always let me have the window seat whenever we fly to our destination.
  6. He may never understand why I am crazy in love with the band Hanson, but he still bought me their CD for my birthday last year.
  7. He gave me the money to buy my camera because according to him, "It was my tripod that tipped over the sandy shore, which caused your old camera to be dysfunctional."
  8. He holds my hand whenever we walk.
  9. He allows me to rant, shout, and get angry (by just listening to me and not fuel my emotions), he allows me to have my own space to cool down...and he knows exactly when I am okay already.
  10. Whenever he's here in the Philippines, he would end the night by whispering, "Thank you for being you" before we sleep.
In a few months time, he is flying back to the Philippines and we would have a three-week holiday exploring new places and coming back to his favorite place - Iloilo City. I am very excited about that, actually!

 - * - * - * -

What a hot Monday today is.. even doing nothing makes me sweat! Whew! I am set to do a lot this week, but of course that doesn't mean I'd neglect my workouts.

Sunday's Lunch Recipes to Try This Week

Hello, Food Portioning!
Now that my mom's cholesterol and blood sugar levels became normal, I noticed she is eating more than she did during the time when she's still trying to lower her levels. My mom is quite a hard-headed woman, really... that whenever we'd tell her not to eat something she would test our patience by eating it (kinda like a brat kid who would put food in the mouth to annoy you). I realized, words won't be enough for her, so my way of setting an example is to eat a balanced meal as well. Of course, it doesn't mean we won't eat meat... but portioning may help her get back to her previous dieting scheme, while helping me eat less as well.

Hello, New Recipes!
Like what I shared last week, I want to try at least two recipes every week, and after browsing my Breakfast Magazines, I have three easy and healthy dishes I want to cook this week.

Pepper Seedlings Dumbbells and Macro Pic

Hello, Gardening!
Brother placed a few pepper seeds (not sure if this is bell pepper or labuyo or combination) on a plastic container with little soil, and yesterday I noticed that the seedlings were tall enough to be transferred. I have three big pots I emptied from last Saturday's garden de-cluttering, so time to replant these seedlings!

Hello, Dumbbells and Home Projects!
Last week, Zumba was my main workout. It made my legs ache, so time to switch up this week by going back to Hip Hop Abs with dumbbells. The picture in the frame was an old macro picture I took - an ant carrying its egg - and I am planning to check all of my photo files for worthy pictures to be printed and framed, just so I could take out the "fat" pictures I have on my closet doors.

Bobbie Nail Polish Holoprism Collection Bioderm

Hello, New Nail Polish Collection!
A year ago, I bought my bottle of Bobbie Weng-Weng. It became one of my favorites, to the point that I have emptied it. Last October, I decided to blog about every nail polish I own, and realized that Weng-Weng is actually part of their Holoprism Collection. It made me want to buy the entire collection; 5 bottles I bought last January, the last 2 I bought last February. Now that I am about to finish the series on OMG Crystal Sand nail polishes, it is time for me to make a series featuring a new collection.

Hello, Medicines and Soap!
Following the de-cluttering I did in the garden, my arms and neck now have a lot of rashes. I currently use a whitening soap (because my skin got dark after my last trip), but I have to set it aside so I could use a germicidal soap. Likewise, I am on a 30-day cholesterol maintenance... my cholesterol levels are quite high, so I needed to go on a statin maintenance.

This week, too, I am set to attend four events - all food related - but one is still not confirmed. Although four events seemed a lot, I am pleased to say that two will happen on the same date, and the other two will happen on the same date as well, so it would just mean I'd be out of the house for just 2 days, giving me enough time to exercise at home.

My weight hasn't changed... I am starting to get worried, but hopefully, with the changes, I will be able to lose at least one pound this week.

Hello, Monday!


  1. Such a sweet list...we don't want to assume anything, but perhaps, maybe, he might be the one for you? ;)-The Dose Girls

    1. I actually doubt that, but we never know. :)

  2. I was thinking the same thing as Dose of Reality that maybe he is the right one for you! And it's my first time participating in Monday Listicles, too. Number 7 is awesome. What a great guy!

  3. You may be single, but it sounds like you have a pretty awesome guy in your life!

  4. Hi, in my comment I think I pasted the wrong URL for my profile.
    The correct one is Finding Ninee.

    So sorry about that! I had The Bonny Bard's site in memory from linking to her. UGH. Sorry!

  5. aww holding hands is always sweet.

  6. What a nice list!

    #10 is especially romantic!

  7. There are all kinds of partners in life....they don't just have to be romantic ones. Your friend sounds wonderful and I understand exactly why you hold him in such high esteem! Fabulous list!

    Stick with your diet changes and mixing up your workouts. You will see a difference!


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